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something from the archives: accidents happen - part 1

this story is again about michael and liz. most of my roswell fan fiction involved my imagining various ways for them to get together. i have no idea why i rooted so hard for this couple, i honestly don't think the show ever thought of trying these two characters out together.

in any case, this story takes place within the show's universe, i can't pinpoint what episode it takes place after because it's been way too long since i watched it. michael is in a motorcycle accident and as the first one of the group on the scene, liz gets pulled into taking care of him. that forced closeness brings them together in ways they didn't expect.

without further ado, you can read accidents happen after the jump.

Part 1

Liz was walking down the stairwell, on her way to start her shift at the Crashdown when she heard two familiar voices raised in argument in the break room. She paused for a moment and couldn’t resist the impulse to eavesdrop.

“Michael, I can’t stand this anymore! The fact is, you never bother to include me in your life. I don’t want to be an afterthought forever. I want to come first in someone’s life. I want to be the one and only thing in my significant other’s life. And I’m not that for you.”

“Maria, that isn’t fair. You know my life is complicated—" Michael started to defend himself. Liz could imagine him standing by his locker, disheveled with his arms held up in the air as if under arrest. Everyone knew that his feelings weren't his favorite topic of conversation.

“But you don’t want me in it, Michael. You don’t want to share it with me. You haven’t let me in. Not really. And I need more than what you can give me.” Maria sounded close to tears, but Liz could tell that there was steel in her voice this time. She didn't think that there would be any way for Michael to talk his way out of this argument. Liz realized she should probably let them know she was in the vicinity, but at the same time it felt as if this conversation was one that had needed to happen for a long time. It was obvious that Michael and Maria weren't right for each other. No matter how hard they tried to piece a relationship together, there was something still missing. You could see it in how they were together.

“I don’t understand what more it is you want me to give! Maria, I’ve been open, I’ve been honest. I’ve let you know me. I’ve let you see me.”

“Michael…I’m sorry it’s not enough. You aren’t dedicated to me or to this relationship. You have your mind on other things, and you constantly put those things first.”

“It’s not enough that I love you then. God, Maria…I have to take care of my own survival. I need to make sure I graduate from high school. I also need to eat and pay rent. And I have to protect Max and Isabel and our secret. Those things are important. But just because I take care of them first sometimes doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.”

“I’m sorry. But I’m sick of your tawdry excuses. Your love isn’t enough for me. I need more. I want more.”

Liz was stunned. The last bit of the exchange had taken a vicious turn. It wasn't quite surprising that Maria wanted more than Michael was willing to give her. That had always been evident to those who really knew Maria. It was that she would lay it out so harshly, when to give Michael his due, he was trying. Lord knew that Liz sometimes wished Max had been more like Michael. Max had always claimed devotion, it was easy for him to talk about it. But when it came to proving it, he always failed miserably. His excuses were just as good as Michael's, but at least Michael made an effort to be better. Max thought he could skate by with soulful looks and pretty words. Liz had enough of those to last her a lifetime.

Two doors slammed simultaneously, and the next thing Liz heard was the squealing of tires as Michael sped away from the Crashdown on his motorcycle. She ran into the dining room of the restaurant and found Maria angrily wiping the counter.

“Maria…you just let him leave like that? He’s in no condition to be driving!”

“Oh Liz, you heard that? Sorry." Maria paused what she was doing to look up at Liz and registered the concern on her face. "Listen, I’m sure he’ll be fine…you know those Czechoslovakians always land on their feet.” She smiled grimly and kept wiping down the counter. It was already spotless, but Liz could see her friend needed to keep busy.

“I hope so,” Liz said as she bit her lip. Michael was always so emotional and that made him reckless about his safety. There was no use worrying, it was true, but Liz couldn't stop herself from doing it anyway.


Michael revved the engine of his bike. He needed the speed. He needed the wind rushing through his hair. He needed to fly. He needed to forget everything that had just happened.

He had finally opened himself up to someone. He’d let someone really get to know him, the way no other person knew him on this Earth, and all he’d gotten in return was a heart torn to pieces.

He took the sharp turns without any regard to safety. And suddenly the bike went spinning out of his control. And he was flung through the air, flying the way he needed to fly. Out of his skin. Until the ground rushed up to meet him. And his world went black.


The Crashdown was hectic as usual; Maria and Liz barely had time to breathe between orders. It had just started to dwindle when Kyle ran in.

“Maria, Liz…we have to get to the hospital immediately.” The expression on Kyle's face was one of absolute panic.

“What’s going on?” asked Liz.

“Just heard…on the two-way…Michael was in an accident,” Kyle gasped, taking big gulping breaths between words. He must have run all the way into the restaurant. Once they processed what he was saying, Liz and Maria didn’t even bother announcing the end of their shifts, they just reacted. They both tore off their aprons and headed outside to Kyle’s car.

“Oh God. Kyle we need to get there immediately…" Liz paused. "Um…you realize we’ll have to use your blood to substitute Michael’s if they run any blood tests.”

“Liz…I hate needles,” Kyle stuttered out. Horrified at what being a member of the “I know an Alien Club” might suddenly entail.

“Kyle…Just hurry!” Maria yelled.

“Why are you so fucking concerned now? God, I told you he was in no condition to ride his motorcycle. You just let him go out like that. You know how emotional Michael is.”

“Liz, you aren’t going to blame me for Michael’s stupidity now are you?” At Maria's words, Liz saw red.

“Kyle, stop the car.” She commanded.

“What? Liz, I thought—“

“Stop the car, Kyle,” Liz said calmly. Too calmly.

Kyle took one look at Liz’s face and obeyed what she said without further argument. Time seemed to be of essence here, so there was no point getting in between whatever was going on between Liz and Maria. He might not be able to say that he knew what ladies wanted, but he knew enough to know that there were times you simply obeyed and let the chips fall where they may. When he had come to a full stop he sat and waited for the fireworks he knew were coming.

“Get out,” Liz told Maria in the same too calm even tone of voice.

“Liz, are you crazy?”

“I’m so serious Maria. You are not going to the hospital. It’s your fault he’s there in the first place. Get out of the car.”

“Liz! I’m not—“ Maria started to defend herself.

“Maria, just do what she says.” Kyle interrupted.

“Kyle, you’re going to take her side?”

“I’m not taking sides. But we need to get to Michael, and from what I can tell he isn’t going to want to see you anyway.”

“Fine. Fine, I’ll get out. But I’m not forgetting this.”

Liz and Kyle said nothing in response as Maria slammed the car door. The rest of the drive to the hospital was completed quickly and in silence.


Liz sat alone in the waiting room, while Kyle went off to get a hold of Max and Isabel and let them in on what was going on. They hadn’t seen a doctor yet, and Liz wasn’t sure what the extent of Michael’s injuries were. She felt awful. Even though she knew there wasn't really anything she could have done, she still felt as if the whole accident had been her fault. If only she had gone after Michael.

Now he was hurt and there was a chance that the secret they had all sworn to protect would be discovered. Liz had to find out what they were doing to him. She had to protect them all. She had to make sure Michael would be okay. He just had to be okay.

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