Friday, June 3, 2016

simply living life like it's a marathon

i've known matt farley for about 15 years, my husband has known him for much longer, since together they form the super rock group you've never heard about, moes haven. the first time i met matt i went up to his apartment in manchester, new hampshire for a 24 hour album listening party.

since i've known them, and it's not just matt, it's also tom, charlie and the other matt. the guys have released these high concept albums. i didn't know at the time but there would also be shock marathon viewing parties--which amounts to an insane amount of movies to pack in a single weekend. a year's worth of albums, and then a best of from those albums.
books recapping their insane horror movie watching habits. long walks that turn into the inspiration for a newsletter that is published monthly. movies that they write, produce, act and direct themselves.

basically matt is the kind of guy who believes that if you are going to do something, you must do it to the point beyond endurance. everything in life can be an endurance test, and matt farley is going to win at it.

today is world motern day, coincidentally it's also matt's birthday, and as a gift you should really check out the music. or the movies. or the books. maybe go for a long walk while listening to the spotify playlist--that's the kind of commitment that would bring matt joy.

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