Tuesday, June 28, 2016

seriously romantic: carry on by rainbow rowell

when i first heard about carry on i was super not interested. i read fangirl and i did not read any of the fan fiction bits really. i skimmed them. i kind of hate when authors insist on putting quotes or interstitial material between chapters. i want to read the story, not little hints about what the chapter might be about. i'm already reading the damn book, so obviously i don't need a spoiler.

anyway, so i was totally on the fence about it. but then i accidentally didn't cancel my audible membership and i had this extra credit and i figured i might as well try listening to it. and it was the best thing ever. i hated getting out of my car, because all i wanted was to spend more time with simon and baz. in fact the only problem with the novel is that it takes so freaking long for baz to show up. but once he does it's like magic. everything just works.

after i listened to the audiobook i decided to read a physical copy of carry on. and it was still as amazing as i thought. and now it's become one of those books i love to re-read, because it is so, so good. i love everything about it. it's got teenage angst and vampires and magic and love. and yeah, simon and baz both happen to be boys, but they are just so perfect together.

the moment they finally kiss. i can't even tell you. it's like you've already spent the previous hundred pages waiting for them to do it. and so then when it finally, finally happens it's absolutely perfect and absolutely messy and just the best moment. i've re-read that kissing scene so many times because, like, every first kiss should be like that.

the hardest part about finishing the book—each time i finish it i think this—is that there isn't more. it was written as a standalone, and that makes sense, but simon and baz are so, so perfect together and you just wish you had more time with them. so inevitably i start it all over again, because at least that way i get to spend a little more time in the world of mages and watford and simon and baz.

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