Wednesday, June 15, 2016

simply writing my own version of the story

i've said before that i can be ridiculous about celebrity pairings. for whatever reason, for no good reason, i find myself down a rabbit hole of google searches reading the same information and seeing the same pictures on a zillion different websites. it's a compulsion i can't help.

taylor swift is always a prime candidate for this kind of behavior from me. i wouldn't call myself a swifty or anything. i enjoy her music and feel guilty about it. but the fact that she also writes and sings about her relationships is one of my favorite things about her. i mean "we are never getting back together" or "i knew you were trouble" so freaking juicy when you know all the back story gossip.

so taylor recently broke up with her boyfriend calvin harris. and just today the sun got photos of her and tom hiddleston cuddling up on a beach together. now calvin has deleted his original break up tweet about how it was just two people who loved each other realizing they worked better as friends, and unfollowed her on social media. i'm given to understand that she reciprocated the unfollowing.

the thing is, back at the beginning of may, at the met gala, taylor and tom were caught on video tearing up the dance floor. i remember watching the videos back then and thinking to myself there was a spark there. but then to see it confirmed by them actually getting together. going out for a long romantic walk on the beach. you guys. it's too perfect.

i'm convinced that dancing is the language of love. and taylor and tom speak the same dialect.

of course, this whole thing could be some sort of publicity ploy fake relationship. the thing is, i don't see why taylor or tom would need to have a fake relationship. it's not like when kaley cuoco went out with that dude who played superman for two minutes and all the tabloids reported on it and then after two papped dates they broke up. and it was so obvious that they were doing it for the press. that isn't to say that taylor and tom didn't orchestrate getting papped on the beach. obviously there is some media strategy. but i'm inclined to give the relationship the benefit of the doubt, if only because of the way they met at the met.

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