Monday, June 6, 2016

simply enjoying the taste of summer

i don't realize how much i like vanilla ice cream until i think about it. like part of me feels like i should like chocolate more. and i definitely have a soft spot for strawberry. though on principle i will tell you here and now that i dislike neapolitan ice cream. even if you stick to the one flavor there's never enough of it in a container. i feel like it's the ultimate gyp.

anyway, so vanilla ice cream is basically the ideal ice cream, because it is the perfect base. and i appreciate that more now that i've actually made my own ice cream. so far i haven't ventured off my tried and true favorite recipe*, but i'm starting to think that maybe it's time i get creative. one of my favorite ice cream shop flavors of ice cream is oatmeal cookie ice cream. this is vanilla ice cream with oatmeal and cinnamon sugar swirls. and it is so good.

i'm also a big fan of cookies and cream. and i'm considering the possibilities of smashing a bunch of oreo cookies and mixing it in to homemade vanilla ice cream. i feel like that might be the platonic ideal of cookies and cream ice cream. growing up i also really enjoyed mint chocolate chip, which i think should also be pretty easy to make by substituting the vanilla bean/extract for peppermint extract and adding chocolate chips.

the possibilities are quite endless. and owning an ice cream maker has really opened up a whole new level of appreciation for ice cream to me. because homemade vanilla ice cream is amazeballs. really and truly.

*i should clarify that the recipe isn't mine, i've mostly followed the recipe on the blog post i linked to. i tend to use fat free rather than whole milk, and i'm the kind of cook who varies slightly from recipes here and there, but in essentials this is the one i follow. it proclaims itself the best and i have had no reason to doubt that.

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