Friday, March 6, 2009

simply why i am madly in love with sawyer

ok. it's no secret that i love sawyer.

this scene made me love him all the more:

how dreamy is he?? i actually really like him and juliet together. the episode did a great job of filling us in on what happened to the left-behinders and moved us to a point where all the stories can come together. i wonder how the stories will be told, though i'm not entirely positive that everyone is in the same time, so there will probably still be some flashing between timelines. we shall see. anyway, back to my original point...

what i really liked about the episode is how it developed sawyer and juliet's relationship. showing her having his back, even if she thought whatever it was he was planning was stupid. that's more than kate ever did for him. here's the thing, i've always been a fan of kate and sawyer, but i've come to realize that it has less to do with liking kate and more with just how much i love sawyer.

this episode really showed us how much sawyer has grown and developed as a character since season 1. i think it's part of what makes him so fascinating...he is so complex. here is a guy who is capable of really horrible things, and yet underneath it all he's just a big softie. i absolutely love that about him. compared to kate and jack who have remained the same in essentials--jack is still the guy who needs to fix things and kate is still running--sawyer's character development really makes him the show's heart. at least in my mind...and apparently doc jensen's.

i know, i know. i'm obsessed. i just can't help it. and i really can't wait to see what happens next. and of course i have to wait two weeks.

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