Thursday, March 12, 2009

simply an absurd way to behave

so the other day on "general hospital" robin brings emma to kelly's and runs into elizabeth. elizabeth says hello, asks mike for her grandmother's order, and just starts taking emma out of her stroller...

who does that? i'm not a mom, but i'm telling you right now, it doesn't matter if it's my closest friend, they're not picking up my baby without asking me first. meanwhile, this whole ppd storyline needs to be resolved. robin is never fun to be around when she's strident, unreasonable, and defensive. it's not surprising that patrick is walking on eggshells around her, since she is so unpleasant when she gets that way. but at the same time this storyline needs to make some progress.

also, what is sonny thinking? what kind of person, especially one who has witnessed some tension, asks a wife to keep a secret from her husband? i mean, robin and patrick have enough to deal with in their own lives, why do we need to involve sonny and carly in their marital drama? robin isn't okay. and she may end up seeing something that helps michael, but at what cost to her? patrick? emma? ugh. i'm so annoyed with the whole thing. on top of that, he knows how carly feels about robin...why would he decide to go behind her back on something so important, with someone he knows she won't appreciate?

here's the thing, and i am ignoring carly's irrational behavior as to robin's hiv status, i've always understood why carly doesn't like robin. when robin told a.j. that michael was his son...i just remember not being okay with that. first of all, it wasn't her truth to tell. and though to some degree i understood her reasoning, i also thought that it was the cruelest thing she could have done to jason and michael. and ultimately, no matter how she whitewashed it, she did it because she was jealous of carly. considering how things ended up, who knows what might have happened had she just minded her own business.

ugh. rewatching that...i just hated robin then. i also really hated that haircut.

but boy, gh was so juicy back then. there was real drama, even if it took a while to get to a conclusion there was always tension, and people made complicated decisions that had emotional heft. there were love triangles that were actually complicated. there was some real soap opera magic. so it's tragic to see all that history be squandered and killed off willy-nilly by this writing staff.

one last thing...i'm kind of digging lucky and rebecca. natalia and greg have some pretty good chemistry. and i like the potential problems it will create for liz and nicholas, who have a harder time separating rebecca from emily.


  1. I know this is a soap where kids rapidly age, but how old is Emma? She looks to be on par with Suri Cruise.

  2. Ha! That's a good observation. She's still so super cute...the GH casting department does a good job casting adorable what makes it so hard when they get SORAS'd.


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