Wednesday, March 18, 2009

simply namaste and let sawyer run the show

i'm still totally squeeing over sawyer. i just love the guy. he's too cute for words and he's crazy hot, and i have an insane crush on him.

ok, so now that i've gotten that off my chest, here are my thoughts on the latest episode of "lost." first of all, i wonder why sun and locke and ben remained in the present, when everyone else went back 30 years? oh my god. i've just realized that sawyer, jack, kate, and hurley, were all chosen to appear before the others when michael was trying to free walt. could their presence on the island 30 years before have been a factor for being chosen as special? is this why ben wouldn't let juliet leave?

just considering the fact that the castaways have probably played some kind of role in their own past blows my mind. but clearly the fabric of their lives is intricately tied to the island. picking apart the threads in order to weave together a clear picture is likely to be the basis for the remainder of the series.

and what role will dan faraday play into all of that? we can guess that he may have used the orchid station to travel through time and space, but where would he have ended up? i think that the day where all the characters connections to each other will be revealed will be a mind-blowing one.

amy and horace have a son named ethan. we know ethan survived the purge, and he must have grown up on the island. why is he special and what is the significance of his birth. is he the last child born on the island before the incident? and are we going to witness the incident next week? those previews were seriously intense.

one of the great things about having the oceanic six come back to the island, is that three years have passed. and the island that they've returned to, isn't the same island they left. and the three years that the left-behinders shared together on the island, means more than the three years that the oceanic six spent apart and away from the island. this is sawyer's island. i think that the rest of them are going to have a hard time having his back.

my favorite moment of the episode: when jack goes to sawyer's cabin. first he sees juliet face to face for the first time since returning to the island, and he's blindsided by the realization that sawyer and juliet live together. he then confronts sawyer about what the plan is. it's a powerful moment, because now sawyer really is in control. he's changed in the intervening years, he's established a role for himself, and he's protected the people that he cares about. jack needs to trust sawyer, but because jack can't forget and has proven to be really bad at forgiveness, this will be a challenge. especially since their leadership styles are so different.

obviously, my opinion is biased because of my insane love for sawyer, but i love this show best when it is told from sawyer's perspective. i love his reactions to the events. i love that he is this guy who most likely grew up in a trailer park, who had nothing but revenge in his heart, and who is one of the smartest, most well-read characters on the island. he's changed from the guy who was only thinking of himself, going off half-cocked. he's the guy who wants to protect the people around him, protect the life that he has built for himself, and reunite with his friends. he's a guy who has made mistakes, and who has learned from them. i really love this guy, and i love how well the story flows when it is told with him as hero.

i don't think "lost" is jack's story at all. i think it's sawyer's story. because being on the island, and everything he has gone through, the sacrifices he made, the blood he has on his hands, all of that is a story of redemption. jack has always seemed to be searching for the path of the righteous, but i'm not sure that this is where the show belongs. i'm just interested to see what the show does with the character dynamics. i really think that sawyer is the guy to watch. i trust him to get them all out of this, or at least get them to where they need to go for the next piece to fall into play. and who knows where or when that might be.

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