Thursday, March 5, 2009

simply all about locke

oops, i know that the latest episode of "lost" has already aired, but i wanted to write about my thoughts on each episode, so here is what i think of "the life and death of jeremy bentham":

1. i enjoyed how this episode explained locke's journey to speak with the oceanic six. and the less than successful results he had with each of them. except, unltimately he did succeed, and clearly his journey wasn't in vain.

2. charles widmore is about 71! man is looking good. i am more confused than ever about the power struggle (maybe even the war) going on between ben and widmore, and i'm not sure that having that power struggle be the series raison d'etre works. we know our main cast is important to the island for some reason, but it seems to me that the reason should be more mystical than "they are key players to the war between widmore and ben in trying to gain control of the island." i often think that maybe we shouldn't get an explanation for "why these people? what is so special about the lostaways?" because there will be no satisfying answer. though, i do trust the producers to do their best, and they do have a chance of being successful.

3. no sawyer. i miss him.

4. what did kate mean when she asked john if he'd ever been in love? that scene is so filled with subtext, except that i have no idea what the subtext seems to be saying. sometimes watching this show makes me feel stupid.

5. and then i ask questions like what was up with ben? why did he pull john off the ledge of suicide and then kill john himself? is that the way it needed to happen to get them back to the island? i can't wait to see how ben explains himself to john when they next see each other.

in the end, this episode simply filled in the blanks and gave us some background as to how the existence of jeremy bentham helped propel the oceanic six back to the island. but i am glad we are now back on the island. i can't wait to see what happens next. and i'll leave you with the following graph:

Song Chart Memes

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