Tuesday, March 31, 2009

simply goes to show that all workplaces endure their share of soapiness

finally, "grey's anatomy" has turned a corner. it's as if the whole "i see dead people" kick the show was on has been put out to the curb. my biggest problems with the ferry boat episodes and then the dead denny walking storylines have been with the fact that this show deals in realities of a type that don't translate well into the supernatural. grey's takes place in a world where life happens, so when it would leap to the other side it didn't feel true to the story and seemed to be a way to cheat and seek out some cheap emotional depth to the story.

the last two episodes have been fantastic. the fallout of izzie's illness coming out has given us some bravura storylines for all of the cast members. finally this is a story that means something. it affects everyone, even if they aren't close to izzie.

alex karev has always been my favorite grey's character. seeing him deal with the knowledge that izzie is sick, that she might be dying...well, you can see for yourself, it just leads to just an amazing scene between him and meredith:

i love scenes between alex and meredith, i think that beyond all the other friendships on the show, alex and meredith get each other in some intrinsic way. they are similar in spirit, they both come from dark places and somehow manage to survive. that is why i find them so interesting.

and it's clearly why derek loves her:

they are engaged! it's finally happened. i love it. hopefully the show continues to show them growing as a couple.

meanwhile, owen and christina continue to be grey's hottest couple. the scenes between them are fraught with emotion, with heat. as his ptsd burgeons out of control, christina is given every reason to abandon him, but she stays by his side, until she realizes that staying by his side also means that she has to live with the fear that he will hurt her. as he seeks treatment from derek, we can only wonder how the two of them will find their way back to each other. and i really hope that they do, because they are such a hot couple.

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