Tuesday, March 17, 2009

simply speculation

hmmm, so apparently helena is swinging back by port charles to wreak vengeance on her darling grandson, nicholas. i wonder if resident "bad" girl rebecca, figures into her plan. here's hoping that emily quartermaine is being brought back to life.

though, i am enjoying rebecca and lucky together. and i enjoyed today's confrontation between lucky and nicholas. it's at least something not related to the mob. i'm kind of hoping that emily comes back to life and she and lucky have a thing and we delve into how elizabeth and nicholas have to deal with it.

i think i like this storyline so much because when i started watching "general hospital" lucky, liz, nicholas, and emily were the 4 musketeers. and i really enjoyed watching them all interact. here's a little reminder:

youtube is a wonderful thing.

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