Saturday, November 15, 2008

simply something

i've been thinking lately of friendship, of love, of the past, future, present. sometimes i think i watch too much television, read too many romance novels. when i watch television, or when i read romance, i have this feeling, this exhilarating feeling, an emotional high that washes over me. and it's so disappointing when it doesn't last.

i love triangles. the way they connect, the shape a perfect three sides. love triangles are my favorite kind of triangle. (though i do also really like isosceles triangles, if only because i like the word.) the best kind of love triangle has the good girl character in the midst of it end up with the bad boy. this bad boy usually has a tough exterior hiding a mushy, vulnerable core. the best television examples of this involve some of my favorite bad boys. pacey witter. ben covington. james "sawyer" ford. alex karev. spike. what i love most about these bad boys is that they are so damaged. they carry so much baggage. they are complicated and layered, but ultimately they love deeply. they love the good girl, and for her they want to become someone better. i think that is so, well, romantic and dreamy.

anyway, those are some initial thoughts. i'm not sure how often i'll update this. but my plan is to post thoughts on television, movies and books here. this blog is meant to be simply about something, whatever happens to be on my mind.


  1. my favorite triangles are isosceles too. i love the two equal sides, the shorter side. they look good from every angle.

    i also really like the other triangle you speak of. very much. but you know that.

  2. i do indeed. it's why we're friends.

    at least it's one of the reasons. =)


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