Saturday, November 15, 2008

simply ghostly

i've always been able to forgive "grey's anatomy"'s more self-indulgent transgressions, i.e. meredith dying and having visions of kyle chandler and denny while in a coma, the improbable sexual hijinks between a small sampling of characters, etc. however, this thursday's episode, where denny once again paid izzie stevens a ghostly visit, was even a bit much for me.

as a device i don't generally appreciate ghosts, in this particular case it seems more that the writers were looking for a way to recapture the chemistry of seasons past. to be honest, i never really loved the denny storyline when it was somewhat plausible. so this latest appearance is most unwelcome. and i can't help but think that this is going in the izzie steven's has a brain tumor direction.

here's what troubles me, usually it is "general hospital" stealing storylines from "grey's anatomy", but this time around it seems that grey's is doing the stealing. seriously. on gh, the rich, dark, and handsome nicholas cassadine had a brain tumor that caused him to see his dead fiancée, emily quartermaine, for endless months. tumily, as the vision became known amongst the "general hospital" web-based community was celebrated only when she stopped appearing (nicholas finally had brain surgery that removed said tumor taking with it the ridiculous visions of his dead fiancée).

i wonder what creative name will be created for the ghostly denny. tudenny has a certain ring to it. i guess we'll have to wait and see if this ghost is another brain tumor. if it is, i will have to post an impassioned plea to ask that the writers of grey's not steal any more stories from gh, it will only give the gh writers even more license to execute their terrible story ideas.

i often wonder why i force myself to watch these shows.

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