Monday, November 17, 2008

simply mondays

i'm utterly useless on mondays. it seems to take me half the day to become somewhat productive. mondays consist of attending a slew of early morning meetings, answering e-mails that accumulated over the weekend, and sitting at my desk clicking around on my computer waiting to be inspired to get my stuff done. i write out to do lists that go unchecked. i fret about my inability to be more efficient.

i'm actually not inefficient. i'm just unfocused, if something needs attention i can usually take care of it quickly. it's the time before the crisis and after its solution that i worry about. because i spend a lot of time on things i can't quantify. tuesdays and thursdays are my best work days. tuesdays i actually do what i originally intended to accomplish on monday and thursdays i accomplish what i want done by friday. the other three work days, though not wasted, are studies in how i manage to waste time while looking productive.

hmm. that might be a secret talent. i'm trying to figure out if there's a way to market something like that.

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