Sunday, November 16, 2008

simply disturbing

maybe this only disturbs me because i feel alluded to, but this article i came across is definitely food for thought. i mean i watch a lot of television. all told i believe i watch at least 19 hours of television per week, which is the average for a happy person, but doesn't include any unscheduled television viewing like reruns of seinfeld and the simpsons.

i don't think of myself as a happy person. but i wouldn't say i'm unhappy either. there has to be some middle ground between absolute happiness and despair. i think that's where i tend to be emotionally. i overthink things entirely too much to ever be completely worry-free. i remember too many things to be able to shake off the past easily. i like television because it provides a means of escape. i watch because i enjoy it. i watch because it takes me somewhere else, it allows me to escape the day to day of my everyday life.

the good news here is that i'm not much of a channel surfer. i don't watch much television that isn't scheduled. though because it is scheduled, i sometimes feel tremendous pressure to keep up with what is being recorded. if i don't watch things promptly, i dread flipping through and seeing the long list of shows that has been recorded.

i might have a codependent relationship with my dvr. well, apparently i'm not the only one.

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