Saturday, November 22, 2008

simply bond

i'd never really paid much attention to james bond. i knew of him, but i had never really watched any of the films. recently we've acquired the box set of all of the bond films, and have begun watching them in order, beginning with dr. no. (this is not to say that i had never seen a james bond film, in fact, i'd already watched casino royale and have seen a couple of the roger moore films.) but seeing how it all began, with sean connery, is quite an experience. there is a bit more humor, more suaveness to bond in the earlier days. sean connery's bond is a sardonic wit, he loves the ladies, but he loves the business of spying the best. and he's also insanely proud of his legs, leaving them bare at every opportunity.

even if roger moore was a more buffoonish bond, and his bond does do a number of improbably silly things, there is something innately ridiculous about sean connery's lack of pants in the first four bond films. in thunderball, he spends an insane amount of time in the water, in a wetsuit with the smallest pair of white bathing shorts on. and, i mean, his legs are pretty amazing, but it is so absurd to see him in these short shorts, while everyone else around him is wearing normal length pants.

it makes it so hard to take him seriously. even if he is bond. james bond.

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