Sunday, November 16, 2008

simply absurd

"general hospital" and i go back a long time. i've been watching since 1992, and i'm dating myself here, the summer before high school started. i've been watching for 16 years. it's pretty crazy to quantify it like that. the 90s were a golden age for gh. i have no idea who was writing for the show, but at the time the hospital still played a central role, the mob hadn't taken over, and the stories had heart and emotional pull.

bj and maxie, robin and stone, karen and jagger, ned and lois, sonny and brenda, lucy and kevin, mac and felicia, luke and laura, sean and tiffany, bobbie and tony, carly and aj, lucky and elizabeth, felicia and frisco, ned and julia, nicholas and katherine, scott and dominique, emily and zander, brenda and jax, sonny and lily, scott and lucy, emily and nicholas, stefan and katherine, tracy and paul, alexis and ned, robin and jason, paul and julia, carly and sonny...

well, needless to say there are many pairings in soaps, and that's a sampling of the couples i watched. and i did watch it for the couples. i mean, gh wasn't aspiring to be a serious medical drama. it was about the trials and tribulations of the residents of port charles and the medical center was simply at its heart.

nowadays the medical emergencies are usually caused by the supposed heroes of the piece--the mobsters with a heart of gold, supposed hearts of gold who spend an awful lot of time killing their supposed enemies in cold blood. and it's boring. the violence, the guns, the mob, it is lame and uninteresting and the show has lost a lot of it's heart. the heart it had when i first started watching. except sometimes, every once in a while, you see that glimmer of heart and that's why i keep watching.

catching up with gh this past weekend (i had two weeks worth stored on my dvr), i enjoyed some of the best storylines gh has had to offer: robin and patrick and the birth of baby emma, the scorpio-jones family rallying together, luke and laura and the extended spencer-cassadine-quartermaine family, these stories that echo the gh i first started watching.

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