Wednesday, April 12, 2017

slightly silly: riverdale, episode 9: la grande illusion

ah la grande illusion! finally we had one big reveal, and we know the families of our cast of young kids are inextricably connected. hiram lodge seems a bit like a mustache twirling villain, he might really be one, because we have yet to meet him.

one of the things i like about riverdale is how it uses atmosphere to heighten the action we see on the screen. but the reliance on atmosphere to set the tone sometimes means that it feels like there are two distinct shows within this one. the blossom show and then everyone else in riverdale.

don't get me wrong, i enjoy the blossom show. visually i think it's very striking. all the hints of red that pop in those maple-tapping scenes do an amazing job of complementing the aura of menace. the blossom family is for real scary, yo.

i also love veronica, and i still wish she were trapped in story lines that were either interesting or at the very least showed us some actual character development. speaking of character development, archie finally got some. i can't tell you how excited i am. i just wish he'd stop trying to make it with his music.

all in all this was a solid episode, as we near the end of this first run of episodes, i expect to see more and more happen each week. to that i say, wheeeeeeee!

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