Wednesday, April 26, 2017

seriously romantic: the hot shot by kristen callihan

i first learned about kristen callihan via synopsis for the friend zone, the second book in the game on series. even though i was dying to read it, i decided to read the hook up first and i wasn't disappointed. then i read the friend zone and i loved it. i fell in love with these characters. i mean, i loved them in the hook up. but the friend zone vaulted me over the edge. believing that the series was over with the game plan i was so thrilled when i learned that she was thinking of adding a fourth installment following cal alder, the backup quarterback, and tess harper. and then she changed her mind.

now i was bummed because i really wanted to read cal's story, but with the hot shot she came super close to unseating the friend zone as my favorite game on novel. so all is forgiven. i still hope she finds a story that works for cal, but if she's moved on i can understand that. sometimes things just don't come together the way you hope. and finn and chess are just amazing. i love their chemistry. i love their friendship. i love how they make each other whole in ways that you would never expect.

the first moment they meet, chess is dead set on hating finn. she thinks he's cocky and arrogant and looking down on her for her tattoos, for her job, for her ridiculous name. but he's really not. he's just not comfortable with the situation at all. it's hard to explain what makes him uncomfortable, but when chess really looks at him and sees his actual panic, she reacts instinctively to soothe him. and it becomes this moment where everything was really fraught and on edge to a quiet, beautiful place, still intense, but more intimate.

from that moment of understanding finn and chess dance around their attraction. the keep running into one another and always their first instinct is to soothe and protect the other person from anything bad, boredom, insults, paparazzi, you name it. and the more time they spend together, their relationship grows and intensifies and deepens in ways that just seem meant to be.they have to figure out some things, but considering how intertwined they allow their lives to become even before they are a couple, you know that they will make things work. finn and chess are simply made for each other.

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