Wednesday, April 5, 2017

seriously romantic: her scottish mistake by michele de winton

when janie milan spills her fruity cocktail all over a super hot guy on her once-in-a-lifetime trip to thailand, she pretty much only expects utter mortification. instead, in her scottish mistake, she gets more than she bargained for. the scotsman who introduces himself as bevan macgregor is actually up-and-coming actor blaine galloway.

blaine is currently hiding out from a fake, tabloid-friendly relationship that he's stuck in because he needs to bail his irresponsible younger brother out of yet another jam. he's supposed to be laying low and staying faithful to the fake fiancée, but since his encounter with janie this proves difficult.

at first he's taken with janie because she has no idea who he is. later, when she's figured it out and he's convinced her to forgive him for lying it's harder to say why he can't stay away. when he's with her, he doesn't feel oppressed by responsibilities, he's not stressing about his career and making the wrong move, and best of all, he doesn't have to pretend to be someone he's not. he can be regular old blaine galloway who thinks the reptile wrangler from texas is crazy cute and sexy.

and when they kiss and things get a little wild, it's hard to see how being with janie is a mistake. except somehow the paparazzi keep finding them. and when everything blows up, it's not just blaine's career that's at stake. it's his brother's life. and janie ends up as collateral damage.

fixing it will take some doing on blaine's part, but he is up to the challenge. the only niggling concern i had after reading this is that i'm still not sure who or what janie means when she refers to miss muffin. it might be her vagina? or an anastasia steele-like inner goddess? every time it came up i wondered if i had missed some explanation, but i couldn't bring myself to hunt for it. especially since it just served to pull me out of the moment and got me thinking about little miss muffet. curds and whey are not conducive to sexy.

do women regularly name their vaginas? or inner goddesses? i didn't think so, but maybe it is a thing.

**her scottish mistake will publish on april 10, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (lovestruck) in exchange for an honest review. 

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