Wednesday, April 5, 2017

slightly silly: riverdale, episode 8: the outsiders

finally we get to see more about the coopers. but there are still secrets. and i wouldn't say that the whole story with polly and the weird hatred of the blossoms makes any sense, but it's like we finally get to see the cracks in alice cooper's façade. and guess what, there's an actual human there. this was something we actually needed to see. because she was becoming somewhat intolerable.

now if the show could turn down the cartoonish-ness of the blossom family, maybe things will pick up the pace. they are basically the addam's family-lite, and while i appreciate the aesthetic, it's kind of dragging down the story. it's like we have two mysteries we are trying to solve as viewers: 1) jason's murder and 2) all the shit that the parents are keeping from their kids.

one of the biggest problems the murder as framing device has, is that we don't get a chance to connect with the murder victim. jason is also still a total mystery. in the body double episode he was a total monster, and had written about polly in the shame book. in last couple of episodes, jason and polly's romance has taken a kind of romantic romeo and juliet-type turn. who is jason blossom really? what was he really involved with. right now it seems like no one remembers that he died a week later than he disappeared. and there were markings on his body that implied he was held captive. why aren't those questions being asked? i feel like everyone on the show is focused on the wrong thing.

honestly the only thing working for me right now is jughead and betty's relationship. which i know is problematic when you consider the source material. but it just works for me because these two actors are great together.

you guys, i want to keep watching riverdale, i want to enjoy it. i think there is a lot of good campy potential here. i just think it needs to figure out which story it is actually trying to tell. right now it's doing too much and too little of it at the same time.

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