Wednesday, February 1, 2017

slightly silly: riverdale, episode 1: the river's edge

you guys, i never was all that into the archie comic books. not really. i think i read a couple of issues my cousin owned, and i always kind of confused archie with the low-rent bazooka joe comics found wrapped around pieces of gum. other than that i definitely remember being team veronica. she's a fellow brunette and way more interesting than betty. of course, i was on team veronica. 

so riverdale, is like a whole new archie. it's darker and sexier and there's murder and lots of sex with inappropriate people. and teen drama galore. i love all the teen drama. i also love that luke perry, star of beverly hills, 90210, is archie's dad. and i love that i still find his voice kind of dumb, but it's less annoying when you aren't expected to swoon over him. this time it's archie who is mad, bad, and dangerous to know? or maybe it is veronica, since she's the new girl in town. or maybe it's cheryl? she's super bitchy. 

betty is still definitely the least interesting character, she's got girl-next-door problems and she's also a total doormat. and she keeps throwing herself at archie who clearly does not want her that way. and they have the lack of chemistry to prove it. 

k.j. apa portrays archie, and he reminds me so much of steven r. mcqueen, jeremy of vampire diaries fame that i keep expecting someone to turn up as a vampire and kill him. anyway, archie's hair is kind of an unnatural red. as is cheryl blossom's. and everyone in this town has a thing about gingers. it almost feels like that episode of glee where emma's parents were upset she was marrying mr. shue because he wasn't a redhead? this observation led me down a google rabbit hole on "gingerism" which is apparently a thing? but all the redheads on this show don't seem like real redheads. is that a thing too?

anyway, the pilot episode wasn't the best thing i've ever seen, but i expect that subsequent episodes won't be trying to jam in as much information as possible and things will start to percolate between these characters at a more natural rate. but so far i'm convinced riverdale is just the thing i need to escape some of the madness out there. 

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