Wednesday, February 8, 2017

slightly silly: riverdale, episode 2: a touch of evil

oh man, this show is so uber ridiculous. and i freaking love everything about it. it's not perfect, but man, oh man, there is some good teen drama developing here.

the love triangle, actually quadrangle, dominates the story. archie must have some special pheremones because everyone wants to get in his pants. it's not even just betty and veronica, it's the music teacher and cheryl, and even mrs. lodge and him have some sparks. it's crazy. archie and betty actually have the least amount of sparkage out of all the pairings, which if kevin's statement that they are endgame is true, it's kind of unfortunate.

in so many ways riverdale is like dawson's creek sexed up and dirtied up. and the framing device of jason blossom's murder and jughead's narration really help sell the story. right now everything is still too new, it's still a bit hard to believe these characters and some of the insta-friendships. so the layer of intrigue and the fact that there is still a lot to be learned about all these characters is a good thing. i'm not sure the show has found it's rhythm quite yet, but i think it has so much promise. there are so many places to pull story from. and as the connections between the characters are revealed and deepened, i think the show will continue to improve.

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