Tuesday, February 28, 2017

seriously romantic: catch and release by laura drewry

it's always so sad to reach the end of a series, and catch and release, the conclusion of the fishing for trouble series by laura drewry is a bittersweet read in part because of this. this series has always been highly charged emotionally, with the o'donnell brothers holding in a world of hurt that has colored their relationships with each other and the women they love.

ronan might be the most damaged of them all. out of the three brothers we've spent the least amount of time with him. we know him to be withdrawn and yet also very temperamental, and inside his head there are so many emotions and feelings and pain that he cannot begin to express. and when he meets hope seaver, the new producer on the reality show being filmed at the buoys, there is a surge of fierce attraction that he can't deny. and the more time he spends with her, he starts to let go of all the pain and fear his previous relationship instilled in him.

because let's face it, ronan is dealing with massive abandonment issues. the o'donnell's were abandoned by their mother in their teens, their father abused both alcohol and his children, and his wife chipped away at his confidence, forcing him to live a life he never wanted, only to leave him in the end.

hope has her own issues to deal with, but they don't consume her the way ronan's do. but because she's overcome so much loss, she's better prepared to handle ronan's pain. and her coping mechanisms are quite endearing. when she gets nervous she quotes the most random facts she can. it's almost a compulsion, she can't stop herself. and this adds a degree of levity to the often heavy moments in the novel.

i loved spending more time in the world at the buoy's and i think ronan might very well be my favorite brother, and hope, my favorite heroine. everything wraps up so nicely here, and honestly i can't wait to see what world this author creates next, because she is so good at building characters and giving her stories emotional weight that elevates the love story.

**catch and release will publish on february 28, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/random house publishing (loveswept) in exchange for his honest review.

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