Friday, February 3, 2017

seriously romantic: there's something about nik by sara hantz

there's something about nik, isn't there? he's a prince to a fictional country called lugenstadt, which seems to be like danish luxembourg. he's terribly stuffy. and he's going incognito at an american boarding school. he's also got a huge phobia of being photographed. mainly because he doesn't want his cover blown.

when he meets amber he behaves like he's never met a teenage girl before. he tactlessly points to her hair (cut short only because she is recovering from hodgkin's lymphoma) and it's slowly growing back. plus, he freaks out when he sees her camera. because of course the girl he's going to be paired with loves photography. (this will come back later.)

sparks fly between nik and amber, and once they get over their judgy hang-ups, the chemistry between the two of them is really quite sweet. they develop this wonderful friendship, and when it slides into something more it happens so naturally, it doesn't feel forced.

so remember that photography thing? it totally comes up again, at one point, amber snuck a pic of nik on her phone even though he asked her not to. and okay, he didn't explain why, but she still did it even though he asked her not to. and she accidentally submits said picture along with the materials for her internship application at a photo agency. the accidental pic goes viral and nik's cover is blown. and he's pissed at amber. and she's pissed at him. she disrespected his boundaries and he lied to her by omission. the whole fight is hugely dramatic, and amber is a little irrational about the fact that nik is really a prince. somehow she equates this with her ex who cheated on her, which seemed like an apples to oranges comparison to me. and actually to all the other characters she tries to convince about this.

they both have every right to be mad, but then they figure stuff out. and if the ending seems a little to happily ever after for ever and ever and not enough happily for now which would have felt more realistic given their ages, well, that's my issue. after all, it is a fairy tale.

**there's something about nik will publish on february 13, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of entangled publishing (entangled:crush) in exchange for my honest review.

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