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slightly silly: riverdale, episode twenty-nine: primary colors

sorry you guys, i fell behind on my riverdale viewing. but luckily the show gave me a mini-break to catch up. so this week's recap is three weeks old, and next week's will be the same, and then i'll be back to my one-week-old recapping schedule.

so hermoine is running for mayor. part of me feels like the show forgot the twist reveal that she's the mastermind? i mean, the lodges are providing a united front. and archie has clearly made his choice in terms of becoming part of the family. it's a quid pro quo thing he's got going on with hiram. i'm not sure it's going to end well for our all-american boy. kj apa is never going to be an actor with a lot of nuance or gravitas, he's too pretty and he lacks emotional depth. but pairing him with the lodges is actually the best thing for him. they make him interesting, the conflicts between his past life and the future they offer him is something real.

meanwhile, veronica is the face of her family at school and it's not going well. when she decides to run for student-body president, she does it the only way she knows. throwing money and promises she can't keep at the problem. it doesn't go well.

betty doesn't take the revelations about veronica too well. things have been deteriorating at home too, with chic's continued presence and the all out war that blossoms between the siblings. last week's revelation that he isn't hal's kid kind of makes sense, but you really have to wonder if the writer's actually have a mapped out story for alice cooper? her character is so inconsistently written, madchen amick is really good at sellling whatever they ask her to do, and like i'm so intrigued by her story. and i love her connection to f.p. jones. i love the like mother, like daughter vibe. but still, i'm not entirely convinced the writer's actually know where they're going with her character. 

anyway, bughead forver. amirite?


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