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something from the archives: headlong - part 1

so this one is an alternate universe/challenge fic. i think i always found these fun to write because it allowed me greater freedom to play with the characters. the conditions i needed to follow, as well as part 1, follow the jump.

Title: Headlong
Author: etoile1 aka Eva
Rating: PG up to NC-17
Category: Mi/L, some K/I, I/Ma, K/L
Summary: This is a challenge from CRAZY 4 MAX. I only hope to do it justice. Here are the conditions she set forth:

1. Liz is in love with her roommate Kyle...but he has never noticed and is currently dating Isabel Evans.

2. Her other room
mate, Michael has notice. But is secretly in love with Liz but says nothing cause he is scared of her rejection.

3. Michael convinces her that he can help win Kyle's heart by pretending they are dating to make jealous. Secretly he does this so he can seduce Liz, lol!!!

4. Of course things don't go as planned for Liz when she starts to fall for Michael but she is too stubborn to admit it...

5. Michael will do everything in his power to seduce her over to his side...You decide when and where all the places Michael seduces Liz.

6. Things don't go well for Michael either when Kyle begins to fall Liz as well and battle of male egos start. You can pick who she stays with in the end...


Part 1

Liz Parker never thought a bowl of Cheerios could be a deadly choice for breakfast, but as she gasped for air, she realized she was wrong. A pair of arms wound themselves around her waist and squeezed, dislodging the small round o from her windpipe. More important than the near death experience was the fact that she had been pulled against Kyle Valenti’s bare muscled chest. Notwithstanding that Kyle’s physique was to die for, and Liz realized she very nearly had died, but having just moved in a week ago she was still not used to seeing the object of her desire so close and so naked.

She should have known that moving in with two guys was a very bad idea, but Alex had needed to find someone to sublet to in a hurry, considering that he had been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. When he’d offered Liz’s roommate Tess a permanent position in his life as his wife, they’d flown off to Sweden with Liz’s blessing. Leaving her effectively without a roommate and a way to make rent, she’d jumped headlong into what she knew would be her downfall.

Because Liz was in love, had been in love with Kyle for over twelve years. Everyone thought she’d grow out of it after high school. And it wasn’t that there hadn’t been other men in her life. But there was no one in her life quite like Kyle. So high school and college came and went, here she was twenty-six and utterly and completely infatuated with the boy of her high school dreams.

Not that Kyle ever saw her anything more than a friend, or even worse, like a sister. He was always good to her, obliviously careful with her feelings. He’d set her up on some of the best of her worst blind dates. He’d helped her move in with Tess and then move out. He’s let her cry on his shoulder over Jared Sorenson who’d broken up with her in front of the entire senior class because she wouldn’t put out. To this day she was sure that the black eye and numerous bruises Jared wore to graduation were due to Kyle’s involvement in the matter.

And now her knight in shining armor had saved her life.

She coughed. Kyle patted her awkwardly on the back. “You okay?” he asked.

“Yeah. Just you startled me.”

“No kidding. Since when did you get so jumpy, Parker?”

“Hey. Now I’m grateful, really I am. But you were tiptoeing around like there was some big secret, what the hell were you up to?” she had an inkling that this conversation was going somewhere that would make her unhappy.

“Liz. What are you talking about?” Kyle scoffed acting the picture of innocence.

“I think she may be referring to me, babe.”

“Oh." Kyle blinked at the lovely blonde who'd wrapped her arms around his waist. Running his fingers through his hair he sheepishly introduced her to Liz. "Lizzie, meet Isabel, Iz, meet Liz.”

“Hello Isabel, it’s lovely to meet you.”

Liz was lying through her teeth. Isabel was a tall blond goddess, with lustrous golden hair and ice blue eyes. She looked like Liz the freaking Snow Queen, and she was stealing away Liz’s Hans. It wasn’t fair. But she had to play nice.

“Hello, Liz. Kyle honey, we should really get a move on. My parents just called and invited us to brunch. Dress nice, we can go to the club later.” Isabel smiled dismissively, showing the correct amount of teeth while looking Liz up and down before turning with the grace of a supermodel and walking back into Kyle’s room.

Kyle shrugged at Liz and grabbed a banana, before following her in.

Liz was infuriated. Not only did Isabel have Kyle, she had him wrapped up in the palm of her hand. How was it that girls like that succeeded where she failed so miserably? She’d always been the cute smart girl. She'd been everyone's best friend when it came to help with their homework. The one who was always asked to fill in when someone was stuck without a partner. The one everyone treated like their little sister. All she had ever wanted was to be wanted. She just wanted someone to sweep her off her feet in a frenzy of passion.

She still hadn’t found what she wanted. Or she had, only what she wanted didn’t pay attention to her. Kyle went for the ice queens, the girls so cold you’d shiver in their presence. Vicky Delaney, Pamela Troy, Deirdre Bedford, and now Isabel, the latest in a long roster of snow princesses.

Liz wondered what it would take to get him to see her, really see her as something more than a friend. She walked to the kitchen sink, after nearly choking on a Cheerio; she wasn’t so much in the mood to finish a bowlful. She grabbed an apple and was cautiously biting into it when the front door slammed behind her, causing her to jump and again choke on what she was eating.

This time someone pounded her back rigorously and dislodged her bite of apple. Coughing in shock, it was the second time she’d faced death in one day, she turned to glare at her would be savior.

“God, Michael, you almost killed me.” Liz berated him.

“Hey I saved your life!” Michael said defensively. He certainly hadn’t meant to startle Liz into choking.

“If you hadn’t slammed into here like a bat out of hell, I wouldn’t have choked. God. What’s up with you anyway?”

“Nothing. You’re okay right?” He grunted out grudgingly.

“Yeah. Kyle had an overnight guest though.”

“Isabel? I met her last night.”

Michael was dismissive. He’d lived with Kyle for five years, and during that time there was always some woman staying over or another.

“You could have told me.”


“Never mind.” Liz sighed.

Sometimes she forgot that men wouldn’t see the point. It was difficult getting used to sharing a space with them all the time. Even though she’d known both Kyle and Michael for years, there was something strange about suddenly living together. Especially when the object of her dreams, her fantasies, was so close by, in the room next to hers actually, and yet so prodigiously unattainable.

“Okay.” Michael walked past her into his room, slamming the door with unnecessary force. Liz watched him wondering what bug was up his butt. Michael was always in a bad mood. Liz just couldn’t figure what it had been that had set him off this time.

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