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something from the archives: accidents happen - part 10

here is the conclusion to this one. i think this was one of the earlier fan fics i wrote, because i definitely wrote better ones. but if i want a complete personal archive i've got to post the good and the bad. anyway, you can catch up with the previous parts on the links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 and read on for part 10.

Part 10

Isabel wrung her hands as she paced on the welcome mat in front of Michael’s apartment door. She had a crisis. More specifically, a wedding crisis of disastrous proportions. The tailor had screwed up the colour of the groomsmen’s vests, and she needed him to take care of Kyle’s for her.

She stared at the doorway intently, wondering at Michael’s lack of response. She’d made sure to come by early, he had to be home.

More than anything she needed him to tell her she was doing the right thing. Even though he disapproved. She needed him to believe that she would be happy.

That the doubts that had been eating away at her the past two weeks meant absolutely nothing.

Where was he?

The neighbours were starting to stare.

She could feel their gazes on her back. She rummaged through her bag and found her keychain and discretely pretended to open the lock with her keys, while actually doing so with her powers.

She knew there was something wrong as soon as she walked in.

The place looked like a disaster area compared to how Michael usually kept it.

It was almost as if somebody had been wrestling violently in the living room.

She checked the kitchen and bathroom but they were empty.

Tentatively she called Michael’s name.

Her only response was a moan that came from the direction of the bedroom.

Imagining the worst Isabel burst through the door, only to receive the surprise of a lifetime.

There was a hole where Michael’s mattress was supposed to be.

As she moved closer to the bed, she saw first a slim bare olive-skinned back and a drape of dark brown hair.


Then she saw the strong hands that tangled itself in the silky mane and the firm legs that pressed against the smooth expanse of skin.


They hadn’t noticed her. Slowly she backed out of the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

She left the apartment as quickly as she could without alerting the couple in the bedroom. Not that there was much chance of that considering how involved they’d been in whatever they were doing.

It was odd. The discovery left her strangely at peace. She couldn’t even feel indignant on behalf of her brother. Michael and Liz just made sense.

She was so caught up in her abstractions that she didn’t see Kyle until she’d literally run into him.

“Hey Princess,” he greeted her teasingly, “How’s everything?”

“Michael and Liz are sleeping together,” she blurted.

“What?” Kyle exclaimed.

“I’m calling off the wedding.”


“I think I’m in love with someone else.”

“What? Who?” Kyle stuttered as he tried to gather his bearings.

“You,” Isabel said as she launched herself into his embrace. Kyle didn’t say anything as he reflexively wrapped his arms around her and kissed her soundly.

After making quite a public display on the corner of Main and Summit, Kyle and Isabel began walking towards the Crashdown.

“Michael and Liz?” Kyle asked Isabel.

“Yeah, I saw them together.”

“Princess they spend a lot of time together, that doesn’t mean that they are together.”

“No, I mean I saw them together.”

“Wonder how Max and Maria are going to take the news?” Kyle mused aloud.

“Badly,” Isabel shrugged. When she’d seen Michael and Liz she’d realized something. You had to do what made you happy, and being with Kyle was what made her happy. He was the one who knew how to coax a smile from her lips, who knew how to handle her tantrums, and who listened to her without ever judging.


Liz and Michael walked into the Crashdown separately so as to downplay their timely appearance. It had taken them forever to get out of bed, and only the realization that they’d be late for work had given them any sort of motivation.

They got there with more than enough time to spare, and taking advantage of the extra time they decided to join Kyle and Isabel who were lounging at one of the booths in the front.

“Hey guys,” Michael said as he slid into the booth opposite Isabel, “What’s up?”

“I’m calling off the wedding,’ Isabel announced matter-of-factly.

“Whoa, what happened? Did that bastard do anything to hurt you?” Michael asked barely managing to contain his surprise and anger at Jesse.

“Oh no, Nothing like that. I just realized I needed to do what made me happy,” Isabel shrugged.

“And Jesse doesn’t make you happy?” Liz asked as she took the only available seat next to Michael.

“No, I want to be with Kyle.”

Michael looked at the young man sitting across from him with his arm draped casually across Isabel’s shoulders. “And you’re okay with this?”

Liz laughed and answered, “Well, Kyle here has been mooning over Isabel for at least eight years.”

Kyle blushed but didn’t deny it, instead saying, “Well you’ve been mooning over Guerin for at least that long. Thank God you two finally figured it out.”


“How do you know?” Michael and Liz demanded at the same time.

“I walked in on you two earlier today,” Isabel elaborated.

“Oh,” Michael said.

“And you’re okay with this?” Liz asked, as she clasped Michael’s hand, knowing from experience that Isabel tended to be overprotective of her family, and that Michael definitely counted as family in Isabel’s book.

“I’m glad you two finally figured it out. Sheesh, it’s been nothing but chemistry between you two from the get go. Hard to believe that you, a scientist, didn’t notice!”


Dear Max and Maria,

You can’t help whom you love. 

Accidents happen, and Michael and I falling in love was the happiest accident of our lives. Believe us when we tell you we never meant to hurt you. Be happy for us. And open yourselves to the craziness life can bring.

We’re so very sorry that you still haven’t forgiven us. But our wedding day was just beautiful. At least we had my parents and Kyle and Isabel to stand by our sides.

We wish you every happiness and hope you find whatever it is you're looking for. Life can be so surprising, love can be found where you least expect it. Don't close yourselves to it. 


Liz and Michael

The end.

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