Tuesday, August 30, 2016

seriously romantic: too good to be true by susan e. kirby

the other day i made mention of the sweet dreams series in a review, and then i came across this title on my bookshelves and realized that i conflated two of the scenes in this book with wrong-way romance another old favorite sweet dreams title. too good to be true is a super short, quick read. young adult romances in the 80s were way shorter and sweeter than they are now. this actually feels more like middle-grade to me now, it's that sweet, but the characters are sixteen so this is still definitely a young adult novel.

the characters were actually so sweet and nice i wondered if this was meant to be set in canada for a while. but i think the author actually grew up on maple sugar farms outside of chicago, so i'm assuming that this is where this story is set. for some reason the whole maple sugar farm stuck with me long after i had read this story. the book is really short, so to go into any depth regarding the plot seems mean. but basically marty meets hank who she is attracted to in spite of the fact that she has a boyfriend. he has a girlfriend so he is also off limits. but when they start working together on his grandmother's maple sugar farm, the attraction between them boils over. but they need to straighten things out in their lives first before they can get together. throw in a little miscommunication confusion, et voilá, a young adult romance.

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