Saturday, August 13, 2016

simply going for gold

i haven't actually watched too much of the rio 2016 olympics live, because, well, nbc does such a terrible job of airing it. the few events i've tried to catch the live stream while at work were not successful and so i've mostly gotten my news from twitter and caught the key moments via youtube. none of these things help nbc with their ratings, and i feel like they can do better. that they have done better. (though the other day i read someone on fivethirtyeight say that "the olympics are sports packaged for non-sports fans" and that made total sense to me.

anyway, today i really wanted to watch something live. for the first time in puerto rico's olympic history there was a chance to win a gol
d medal. no athlete representing puerto rico had ever done that, and no woman had ever medaled for puerto rico in her sport of choice. and then mónica puig, a women's singles tennis player did it. she got the gold. and it was so awesome to watch live. even though she was the underdog, a #34 seed playing against a #2 seed, she did it. and i spared myself the bravo broadcast with its biased announcing, and streamed the match off my fire stick with no commentary. and it was great. it made me realize that so much sports broadcasting is genuinely terrible. with useless commentary distracting from the real moments of the game.

and i love rewatching the moments that made history. i'm going to share, and hopefully it stays up because it's totally worth it:

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