Wednesday, December 9, 2009

something from the archives: a new feature

so a long time ago i was obsessed with the television show "roswell", in fact, i felt so strongly about that show that i became a pretty active member of the online community. the other day i decided to google myself, in part because i wanted to see if my real name was associated with any of the fan fiction i wrote during that period of time. it's not. but i also found that a lot of the archives that contain my fan fiction are incomplete which is kind of a bummer.

i also spent a lot of time rereading the stuff i wrote, and while some of it isn't polished, it's actually not that bad. i really liked some of those stories. i never finished some of those stories. and i don't know, but i think it's time i focused on my writing again. and as ridiculous as some people think fan fiction is, it's also great practice for writing. most of my fan fiction was alternate universe and involved unconventional couples. in roswell fan speak i was a dreamer, a polarist, and a loyalist. mostly i loved the character of liz, and as i watched the show there came a point where i believed the writers lost sight of who that character was, and fan fiction gave me an outlet. i met some great people on those fan sites, and every once in a while i still think of them.

so here's what i've decided to do. since i've been feeling uninspired when it comes to talking about television and romance here, i'm going to repost my roswell fanfic. i'm not going to post all of it at once, i'm actually going to try and take a look at what needs some work, some editing. i've noticed typos and choppy sentences and weird transitions. so i'll work on those things. and some of the stories remain unfinished, so i'm going to try and complete them. it will take me a while to do this, but it's also kind of a fun project for me. and let's face it, i mostly write this blog for myself anyway. [i mean that in a good way, i do appreciate my readers.]

so going forward any posts labeled "something from the archives" will be a fan fiction post, and it should be easy to ignore if it's not something you're interested in. i'm actually pretty proud of a lot of the stuff i wrote back then, even the sex scenes. [any posts containing explicit scenes will be labeled as such.] here's the thing, i really, genuinely loved the characters, and i felt like i knew them well. well enough to write almost an entire novel! some of the stories are really that long. anyway, this will be a fun experiment. and i'm going to try to be better about posting so that i'm mixing this older content up with new content.

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