Monday, December 21, 2009

simply loving the new 90210

i know i've said this before, but when the new 90210 started i watched for a while and then gave up on it. it was boring. the lead guy [i forget his name, it was ...who knows, he left the show] was cute but boring. the lead girl [annie] was annoying and just terrible at acting, which made her interest in said profession all the more preposterous. the main arch-rival [naomi] was written inconsistently. the parents [deb and henry] were no jim and cindy.

but now, while deb and henry are still no jim and cindy. and annie, who seems to have been demoted from lead status to supporting player is still as terrible and annoying as ever. however, at least her storyline now works with the terrible-ness and annoying-ness of her character. meanwhile, naomi has been given more to do. and we've been able to see her softer, more vulnerable side, while at the same time maintaining a high level of ridiculous fashion and boy craziness that makes her character really fun to watch.

and adrianna, the drug addict who was only supposed to be on a handful of episodes became a regular and is awesome even when her storylines are completely ridiculous. they sound like they're getting juicier, so that's something to look forward to.

silver is still my absolute favorite character. what's great about silver is that she is the one character who has concrete ties to the original, she's david silver and kelly taylor's half-sister. i actually love her romance with teddy. and i like how they've complicated it with dixon's realization that he had a good thing with silver.

dixon has spent the last few months on his high horse, yet for no good reason because he definitely made some really bad choices. like pretending he was a music executive and much older than he really was in order to get into the older woman's pants. also how anyone would ever believe that he is older than twelve is beyond me, when you see him with the other actors you think he is years younger (even though there isn't that big an age difference in most cases, except for teddy's).

but anyway, teddy and silver. i love them. i'm rooting for them. and the mini-cliffhanger that ended the last new episode is still killing me. i can't believe i have to wait until march for more 90210. at least until then i'll get to check out life unexpected (with shiri appleby!).

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