Thursday, December 10, 2009

simply unable to contain all my glee

omg, you guys. i'm so bummed that there will be no more new episodes of "glee" until april. even more so because "glee" will be airing against the final season of "lost" and since i share a television with the husband who watches "lost" and not "glee" i think i know what i will be staying up late for on tuesdays this spring.

anyway, right now i'm consoling myself by listening to "glee - the music, vol. 2" which is awesome and oh-so-cheesy. i don't know what it is about this show that i love so much. especially since the writing is totally inconsistent, there are too many characters and often when something deeper is revealed about them it is immediately forgotten in the next episode, the suspension of disbelief required to get through watching a single episode is pretty astronomical, but in spite of all of that, i LOVE this show.

one of the more fascinating things about the show is the character of rachel berry. she is annoying, a total diva, incapable of understanding social cues, but she is also so very endearing. her personality rubs so many the wrong way, but all rachel has ever wanted is to be part of a team. it's why she's a member of every club she can be a member of. she tries so hard, and it often doesn't get her to where she wants to go. ultimately, the glee club understands that she is a cornerstone to their road to victory, and that to have rachel on their team makes them a better team, no matter how annoying she is.

i happen to love rachel. i love her relationship with finn, the clueless quarterback. one of the more interesting things at play during "sectionals" was the fact that the entire glee club was aware of the fact that quinn's baby wasn't finn's but was puck's. i personally never bought the rationalization from mercedes that quinn chose finn to be the father of her baby and that everyone else needed to respect that, because i felt that it didn't take into account the fact that finn's life was also being ruined. not that having a baby means your life is ruined. but finn has dreams and aspirations and having a baby before he graduates high school wasn't one of them.

in both the pregnancy plots this season it was very clear that the rights of the father weren't considered to be of importance. and while rachel was partly being selfish in telling finn the truth, she also did it because he deserved to know. he was bearing a weight on his shoulders that wasn't his to bear. it was a secret that needed to be told, and in the end, i think it made a difference that it was rachel who told him. i happen to like finn and rachel together. though apparently there is a larger puck and rachel fandom. i didn't mind the episode they were together, but i also think the point of that episode was that neither of them was really free to be in a relationship, because puck is hot for his baby momma and rachel loves finn in spite of his stupidity.

it took to long for the show to reveal the baby drama, especially since the whole plot meant that we were supposed to believe that mr. schue and finn were barely intelligent enough to function.

i love that mr. schue left his lying wife behind. i really hope it sticks because my favorite moments in this episode were all will-emma moments. this one is my absolute favorite:

squee! they totally kissed. and it was such a climactic moment, even though anyone with half a brain could call it in. i still love it. i'm such a sucker for forbidden romance. here are some more moments from a fan video:

love it. i really hope that the storyline actually progresses. the situation is complicated, but will and emma have some good chemistry. and even though terri and ken are still around, i'm hoping that the obstacles ahead of them aren't so insurmountable. because really their romance isn't really the main thrust of the story. so theoretically you don't need all these challenges in their relationship. them being together or not doesn't really affect the outcome. right? i just happen to like them together. i can't help it. i'm a total sucker for romance.

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  1. I adore Glee myself. First, Sue Sylvester is one of the best characters to hit TV in years. She kills me EVERY TIME. Second, the music is just fabulous. Third, the drama is fabulous. I adore Kurt and his father so much I can't even do them justice in words. Rachel is fabulously annoying. Puck is hot despite the hair. Quinn even got to have a shining moment when she blackmailed Sue. So much works on this show. I hate that it's going to be on against Lost (another of my obsessions).


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