Friday, May 1, 2009

simply why time travel is a bad idea

poor daniel faraday (and spoiler alert if you haven't watched this week's "lost"). killed by his own mother while trying to change future events. i have a feeling that dan's brilliant plan to stop the chain of events that brought everyone to the island is going to blow up in everyone else's faces. dan had finally come to the conclusion that the survivors were variables because their present is their present and free will should overcome destiny.

except all his actions jibe with what will happen. his plan is likely what sets everything in motion that gets everyone to where they once were. he says that there will be an incident where they are building the swan station and he knows there is an incident because his past was the future. so he comes back early and decides that the way to counteract the incident, the way for them to alter the current timeline is to detonate the atomic bomb we were introduced to in "jughead".

i'm pretty sure that the bomb is going to go off. but i'm also pretty sure that this bomb's detonation is what causes the incident and is the root cause of everything that happens. this is what eloise faraday knows that dan did not, could not have known. this is why it is jack's destiny to be on the island, because he is the one who detonates the atomic bomb. at least that is what i think.

dan's arrival definitely shook jack out of his complaisance. and sawyer's reversion to calling kate freckles certainly raised juliet's hackles. i still have a hard time knowing which pair to root for especially having been a skater for so long, but if i'm honest i'm really enjoying sawyer & juliet.

he's just so damn hot.

i like him grown up with juliet and all, but i also love the bad boy who calls his girl freckles. ah well. i am more than a little worried now that radsinsky has sawyer and juliet in custody. i guess it's a good thing that we know that desmond and penny are for the most part ok. considering they are the only real successful love story that this show has had. of course desmond may regret his assurance that he'd never leave her. those seem to me like they might be famous last words.

some good reveals about dan's connection to the overarching plot, though no real surprises. eloise was indeed the same ellie we met in 1954. and charles widmore is also dan's father. i wonder who penny's mom is.

one last thing, when penny left charlie alone in the waiting room with the nurse did anyone else think that eloise was going to spirit him away to the past somehow and he would become charlie pace? even if that makes no sense my mind still went there.

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  1. Ha, I definitely thought that Scary Poppins was going to run off which Charlie. I didn't think he'd be Charlie Pace, Charlie, but I did think she'd take him for some nefarious purposes. Worst. Parent. Ever. Sends her kid to the island knowing she'll kill him. Gah!

    I like your theories and it'll be interesting to see if that's what plays out. I wrote that I wouldn't put it past them to have the bomb thing work and then next season show us how everybody's lives would have turned out, but yours sounds more plausible and less maddening.

  2. I know how horrible is that...definition of a bad mother.

    I don't know how I would feel if they managed to change the future and by that token, their pasts. I feel like that negates so much of what happened before that I would feel really cheated. With this show I always think, there is no way there will be a happy ending and even though I love happy endings, I'm not sure I would want that with this show.

    As long as Sawyer survives I'll be okay though! :)

  3. Hahah good point, as long as Sawyer makes it through all will be well.

    I think I would possibly feel cheated, it would depend on how they handled it and if we got all the answers. It just feels like something they would maybe do. As I said, your idea is much more plausible than mine!


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