Friday, May 1, 2009

simply changing the story

i think it's funny that abc's hyping of the six-year-old shooter seemed to render that storyline the least interesting. i don't know if it was the little girl, who was very cute, but i didn't think she was very good actress. wouldn't you think there would be something more fundamentally broken about an abused child who shot her father 17 times? i don't know. and though i often get annoyed when the patients they are treating parallel the doctor's lives or emotions too neatly at least this case brought out some juicy stuff for meredith.

that final scene between meredith and the chief had me in tears. and i think the storyline, meredith's plea that the battered mother do something, anything to change her daughter's story, so that she doesn't grow up to be the girl so broken by her father's abuse, really shed light into meredith's childhood. all of the adults in meredith's life abandoned her. and they all pretended that it was okay.

it goes back to when derek proposed and he told her that he saw her dark and twistiness as a strength because she has been through the worst and survived. finally someone gave her some positive spin on her past. and this episode someone finally tells her that they are sorry, that they should have looked out for her, and that seems to finally put her on the path to healing. in the past two seasons it has been amazing to watch meredith grow.

she is finally a person. i know there is a ton of meredith hate on the boards, but she has always been my favorite female character. i like how complicated and tortured she is, and having made the journey with her, i like how she is healing. my favorite character, one alex karev, is on a similar journey. as much as izzie has annoyed me in the past, i find myself hoping that she doesn't die. i want alex to be happy, to believe in something. i want him to heal too, and i'm afraid that if izzie dies, that he'll be broken in a way that won't let him come back together again.

also, owen and christina are awesome. sandra oh and kevin mckidd really bring it. i can't wait to see where their relationship goes from here. it won't be easy, but there is a lot of love there. just more healing needs to take place.

finally, i just have to say that i love mark and lexie together. he went to meet her dad. how cute can they be?

i think i just love how everyone is growing up. i'm really enjoying these more mature relationships, and i like that the doctors are all interacting with each other again.

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