Thursday, May 21, 2009

simply treading water until the big finish

so i know i'm behind. but before i get to the "lost" season 5 finale, i feel that i should cover "follow the leader"...but what to say about it. i'll admit that on first viewing i didn't love it. and on second viewing my mind didn't really change. it's one of those episodes that is so clearly moving the chess pieces. everything and everyone is being positioned, getting to where they need to go in order to allow "the incident" to play out.

as someone who has a degree in writing (bet you didn't know that with my unfortunate run-on sentence habit) i understand the need for this type of plotting. but it's still not what interests me about the show. i'm one of those people who is big into character development. and clearly have my own biases as to whom i find interesting and whom i do not. so the entire subplot taking place in 2007. not of much interest to me.

i find it ooky when locke refers to the others or whomever it is who camp out with richard alpert as his people. i'm annoyed by the constant talk about jacob and the need to follow him. to be fair, i'm not the most likely to follow the leader, i've always been the independent type and i respect those who follow the beat of their own drum more that i do those that blindly follow. this has always been my problem with john locke. his idea of being a man of faith was being a man who didn't ask questions, a man who followed direction without questioning the source--and this doesn't only apply to the island, it applies to ben, to richard, it applies to his birth father, and to his birth mother too! john locke has been led astray so many times, that this new decisiveness, this new knowledge of "his path" seems suspect.

jack has always been positioned opposite john locke as the man of science. the man who questions everything and only believes what is laid out right before his eyes. this season however, he's become more that man of faith. and if he annoyed me before with his sense of righteousness, he's even more annoying now as he waits for his destiny to come up and hit him in the gut.

and once it does hit him, he decides to listen to crazy science guy and go detonate a hydrogen bomb. [sarcasm] yeah, that seems like a great idea [end sarcasm].

sawyer and juliet spend most of the episode tied up and being interrogated. they don't really give up the goods, but eventually negotiate passage to the "real world" after phil punches juliet in the mouth. interesting that phil is the one to figure out sawyer's weak point. if they had punched him out for the count he wouldn't have said anything. but for juliet he would do anything. even sell out and choose to leave the island and abandon his friends.

the episode closes with sawyer, juliet and kate sitting in the sub, sayid (yes, sayid, i forgot to mention earlier that we do get to see him once more) and jack in the tunnel with the hydrogen bomb, and miles, jin, and hurley watching everything go down. and we must wait too, because "the incident" will eventually answer the question of what happens next, though perhaps not as completely as one would like.

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