Tuesday, December 2, 2008

simply destiny

so the wednesday before thanksgiving, there was a "special" episode of gh that focused entirely on robin & patrick and how they were destined to be together. the episode's framing device was this weird dream sequence of robin's that paralleled their relationship, but paired characters and actors who never interact on the standard day-to-day storylines--like robin & matt hunter, patrick & carly, and so on. and honestly, though interesting, it was one of the more unsettling viewing experiences i've had recently. i mean the end message was okay, showing us that robin & patrick are meant to be. but it was still weird.

gh has many bad storylines, it's a soap opera, so of course there is a lot of bad with a few shining moments--at least that's how i would describe it lately--and sonny & claudia engaging in a redux of sonny & carly version 1 is pretty bad, as is the "russians have jake" shenanigans that seem to be the end of liz & jason and sam & lucky as couples and if they end up swapping partners again i will be so thoroughly disgusted i don't even have words to describe it. i fast forward through so much of the show, and even with the limited amount i watch, i am filled with RAGE.

why is this show so bad? because it honestly has the potential to be good. some days it can even be great. but instead it focuses its energy on being MEDIOCRE, and ASTOUNDINGLY AWFUL.

and yes, the all caps are necessary.

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