Monday, December 22, 2008

print versus screen: gossip girl

i honestly believe that the best show on television at the moment is "gossip girl." i don't know what that says about me personally. but i know that the show is unadulterated genius. it is also unabashedly ridiculous, and superlative in its excesses, but that all serves to make it so good.

years ago, a coworker came up to me and said, "you read ya books don't you?" and handed me the first two books of cecily von ziegesar's gossip girl series. i never bothered to read them until i heard of the show, and so before the fall 2007 season i finally read the books. and they are terrible. not only are they terrible, they are terribly written. just because a book is ya doesn't mean that it isn't written intelligently, or that it doesn't have literary value. but these books, lack it all. i read the first book and skimmed through the second--i didn't have the patience to read through it all. then i simply went to wikipedia and read about how it all ended. i figured that would save me time and avoid polluting my brain with the remainder of the series.

strangely, from episode 1 of the series, it was clear that this would be a winner. a guilty pleasure that was surprisingly well-produced, well-acted, and just all around enjoyable. the series has deviated rather significantly from the books, but all the changes have been downright improvements. chuck and blair as portrayed by ed westwick and leighton meester, are the heart and soul of the series, and their on-and-off-again love affair keeps the show interesting.

these moments between them, well, explain it all:

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