Sunday, December 7, 2008

print versus screen: bridget jones's diary

one of my favorite guilty reading pleasures is bridget jones's diary and bridget jones's diary: edge of reason by helen fielding. i re-read the books at least once a year. and every single time i am brought to tears, i'm laughing so damn hard. just typing about them, i remember some of the entries and can't help giggling.

i also happen to own the movies by the same titles, and have to say that they do a pretty good job of bringing the character to life. having colin firth play the mark darcy character and hugh grant the caddish daniel cleaver are really what make the movies worthwhile. renee zellweger's british accent is a bit too studied, but she has the right degree of awkwardness and silliness that make her bridget jones seem true to life.

the movies were adapted for the screen by andrew davies, who wrote the screenplay for the bbc's "pride & prejudice" adaptation. and he does a wonderful job of making two movies from a slightly incoherent source material. the books are fun, but they aren't great literature, and bridget isn't the most reliable of narrators, what with her distorted sense of self and ability to be ridiculous.

one of my favorite things in the movies are the fight scenes between grant and firth. two grown men kicking each other and running around like idiots, is always funny.

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