Tuesday, August 8, 2017

seriously romantic: beneath the truth by meghan march

rhett hennessy finally gets his turn in beneath the truth, and it was well worth the wait. after the events in beneath these lies, rhett turned in his detective badge and left town. Only the worst could bring him back, and his childhood home imploding and his father's death pretty much counts as the worst.

but the worst can also bring the best along with it, because ariel sampson, his best friend's little sister, the girl who loved him and he couldn't love back, has also come back home. she's come, in part, to be with him, even though she swears she's over her childhood crush.

and maybe that's true. crushes are fantasy and fizzy and frothy, what ariel and rhett share is something deep and emotional and haunted and heavy and light and complicated. a lifetime of history lies between them, and given all the upheaval in rhett's life at that moment, it finally feels like the time has come to explore what it could be like with ariel.

for ariel, it's as if the ground has shifted. nothing is what she expected it to be. it's even better, because the reality is that she and rhett are tailor-made for each other. and watching them cement this fact and figure out the truth that has been shaking the ground beneath their feet is not just satisfying, it's compelling, emotional and suspenseful.

as the series capper beneath the truth provides the perfect amount of closure. in an epic epilogue, we get an update on all our favorite beneath characters, and it's so satisfying. one of the things that i've really enjoyed in this group of connected stories are the friendships between the characters. they are there for one another, no questions asked with a side of sass that shows how much they care.

i discovered meghan march a year and a half ago with beneath this mask, and since then i've pretty much inhaled everything she's written. rhett hennessy holds a special place in my heart because we've gotten to know him pretty well throughout this series. it makes perfect sense to end with his story, and how he gets his happy ending is so worth the read. and the best part is knowing that even though this is goodbye for now, it doesn't mean we've seen the last of this world.

this fall, ruthless king will pick up lachlan mount's story, and given his appearances in beneath the truth he's a total badass and is part of the beneath world and is possibly linked to the dirty world too. i kind of love that these characters all live in the same universe. i think just knowing that there's a chance i'll see these characters again makes it okay to say goodbye. i'd be way more of a wreck otherwise.

**beneath the truth will publish on august 8, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of meghan march in exchange for my honest review.

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