Friday, April 29, 2016

slightly silly: sleeping with other people

i was so bummed when sleeping with other people was originally released and i realized it wasn't coming to my city. limited release sucks y'all. so the dvd came out and i used an amazon gift card to buy it.

this movie stars jason sudeikis (jake) and alison brie (lainey), as two seriously damaged people who have no idea what it means to have a healthy relationship. he sleeps with any woman who lets him. and she is at the beck and call of her college crush (matthew)--adam scott playing against type--who is in a committed relationship with someone else.

having lost their virginity to each other back in college, lainey and jake reconnect and decide to keep things platonic while also making a pact to make better choices in their romantic lives, jake by not banging every girl he sees and lainey by breaking things off with awful matthew. what happens is pretty much what you expect in a romantic comedy. they act like boyfriend and girlfriend and fall in love. except they are both so damaged that they are incapable of admitting this or acting on it. they are each other's best friend and that friendship becomes the major obstacle in their happy ever after. because they are terrible at relationships, and they can't bear thinking that they'd lose one another if they pursued something romantic.

this is all good stuff. stuff i enjoy in my romantic comedies. what i don't understand is why this movie had about three different endings. it's like they ended it not together, which would have been a bold choice but not a bad choice, but test audiences hated it so they ended it again where it is implied the two characters reconnect, but test audiences still wanted something more explicit. so they ended it again where everyone basically gets their happy ever after. why?

grade: ♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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