Sunday, July 12, 2009

slightly silly: a review of "the proposal"

i'm the kind of girl who needs to go to the movies with people. i don't like to go by myself. since most of the movies i enjoy don't require a big screen for maximum enjoyment, i have made a habit of watching things on dvd or on-demand. but every once in a while, especially when i have the rare opportunity to spend time with my best friend (we live in different cities), i actually make my way to the theater.

over the july 4th weekend, while visiting her in manhattan, we decided to go to watch the proposal. most of the reviews i'd read were positive, but beyond that i had a feeling that this film would become a favorite. how could a movie with ryan reynolds, sandra bullock, and betty white not be enjoyable? i mean betty white is just plain awesome. ryan reynolds is a cutie and was so dreamy in definitely, maybe. and sandra bullock was in one of my favorite chick flicks ever, while you were sleeping.

i don't know what it is about romantic comedies, but even though i know where the plot is going, and even though i can predict what is going to happen next, i love watching them. i always feel good and happy and fulfilled. [i get the same warm fuzzies from romance novels.] i watch movies like this and i immediately want to watch them over and over again, because there is something about watching characters fall in love that i love. it doesn't matter how trite and predictable the story is, it doesn't matter that i know the actors are really married to other people/gay/hate each other off screen, if they have the right kind of chemistry i am happy to watch them on film for hours at a time.

ryan reynolds and sandra bullock have the right kind of chemistry, and say what you will about the movie and its plotting, this chemistry really makes the movie. mary steenburgen, craig t. nelson, malin akerman, oscar nuñez, and the fabulous betty white round out the cast and work together very well on screen. i really think that the main reason i enjoyed the movie so much is that the cast was so very genuinely likeable.

a few final observations: 1. sandy b. can really shake her booty, 2. ryan r. is ripped, although the scene where he drops trou makes absolutely no sense, 3. malin akerman's character doesn't make a lot of sense in the movie especially since she adds nothing to the central conflict, 4. i really love ryan r's voice, 5. i don't know how sandy b. made it through production wearing those ridiculously high stilettos, though they were amazing looking, 6. i also really love ryan r.

grade: ♥♥♥♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥♥

images courtesy of jaunted, cinemaspartan, and grit.

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  1. I remember a time when you didn't like "While You Were Sleeping"


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