Tuesday, July 7, 2009

slightly silly: a review of "if lucy fell"

sometimes trying new things on on-demand doesn't pay off. but i was bored and there wasn't anything on that i was truly interested in and i figured that i didn't have to finish watching it if i hated it. and well, i didn't hate it.

but it wasn't good either. if lucy fell is the story of two college friends who find themselves approaching thirty and not having grown much since college. lucy [played by sarah jessica parker] is a commitment-phobic psychologist with daddy issues who's idea of true love involves her partners passing a hug test and answering yes to questions like "would you drink my spit?" joe [played by someone not all that attractive][eric schaeffer who is the lead actor, writer, & director of the film which makes him an artiste and also explains a lot as to why this movie isn't very good] is a loser art teacher deeply in lust with the next-door neighbor [elle macpherson].

lucy and joe have a death pact dating from their time in college, where if by the age of thirty [specifically lucy's thirtieth birthday] they haven't made progress on their life goals, they will fling themselves off the brooklyn bridge. predictably they set out to reach their goals, discover that their dreams weren't all they were cut out to be and realize that they are actually in love with one another.

there are no plot elements in this story that would make it interesting. and because the attractiveness of the two leads is suspect [personally i like sjp, i'm just never sure where to rate her on the attractiveness scale], there isn't really a reason to watch the film.

however, if you happen to be a huge scarlett johansson fan or you need to watch every movie ben stiller has ever been in, i guess you will want to give this one a shot. scarlett plays an art student of joe's and her signature raspy voice is in evidence even at such a young age. ben stiller on the other hand plays a zoolander-like buffoon, an artist that is set up to be a rival of joe's though the rivalry isn't really the main focus of that particular subplot. i personally am not a fan of the zoolander-like buffoon type that stiller so often plays. i like him much better when he is being mostly normal.

grade: ♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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