Thursday, January 22, 2009

simply lost

wow. just wow.

i watched the first two episodes of "lost" last night. i have no idea what is going on. other than it is awesome. i mean everything in the first episode clicked perfectly. the episode opened typically enough, some person waking up at 8:15 starting their day, you don't see their face until a few minutes have gone by, and you are left that jin? with another asian woman and a new baby? is it jack, has he somehow put his life back together and left the island behind?

instead it is dr. marvin candle aka a number of other names. and we realize then that this is taking place when the dharma initiative was first on the island. and suddenly daniel faraday shows up in the frame and who knows how he got there in the first place?

the show takes us back to the events of the season finale, this time from the point of view of those left behind on the island. everything is different. there is no beach camp. as the core group of left-behinders explore, they find the hatch intact, then it is blown up, then it is intact, day and night shift suddenly between the bright, white-lavender-colored flashes and the metallic noise that indicates perfectly that the very fabric of time is being rent apart on the island. and that the left-behinders are affected by this in such a way that enables them to skip through time on the island.

daniel tries to explain this to sawyer, to everyone. but there is no explaining the unexplainable, what he says makes no logical sense. though the island has never claimed to be a logical place. i can't help but wonder when the opening scene took place, if daniel was there after having skipped through time, or if he was there when it all originally happened.

whatever the answer is, i have to say that what is ultimately amazing about this, is how the show remains so consistent and manages to convey these shifts in time so well. as a seasoned "lost" viewer i found myself watching the small plane crash with locke and thinking 'that is eko's brother on that plane. it's the 90s.' later the plane was on the floor and it was nighttime and i knew that it was sometime after boone had died.

and as they skip through time you start to wonder, what is it about this island that bends the notions of time. have the flashbacks and flashforwards been a function of memory? or are all the losties somehow special, were they called to the island because of their ability to move through time? the more i think about this kind of thing, the closer my head comes to exploding...

anyway, i loved both episodes. i love where this season is going so far. i'm glad that there was a lot of sawyer, and i can only hope that this continues through the season. one of my favorite moments is when he lets slip that he sacrificed himself, his chance to go back, for her (he never says kate's name, but she is who he means), and now he thinks she is dead and clearly wishes he could have been with her. he is my favorite. and i admit that i like sawyer and kate together way more than jack and kate whom i actively dislike when they are together.

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