Wednesday, January 28, 2009

simply catching up

somehow i always feel like i'm running behind. oh well. i've been more or less keeping up with the dvr and figured it was about time to publish my thoughts. because i can.

so "the incident" that gh is counting down to is driving me insane. not because it isn't well-executed, because if there is one thing that gh does well it is sweeps events. i just hate the drawn out anticipation, why won't things just happen already!! hopefully the rumored deaths won't involve characters i like or legacy characters that form the show's core. here's a list of people i think can go:

1. kate howard -- what is the point of her character now? her fabulous bob is returning but will be forever sullied by the insane mob apologist she became. megan ward has zero chemistry with maurice bernard, kate and sonny were a snooze-a-thon. lately kate wanders around town throwing hissy fits at olivia, claudia or carly, and threatening to fire maxie and lulu at every turn.

2. nadine crowell -- oh nurse crowell, you are so sweet and so, so boring. now that notemily is on the canvas there is no point to you. so you can die, because no one, not even nicholas will care.

3. leyla meir -- they'd seem to have lost interest in leyla a while ago, and now that she is in love with an iranian suitor her mother finds acceptable, i suspect that she will probably die. because the other shoe has to drop somewhere, and i guess someone will actually care.

4. anthony zacchara -- i doubt anthony will be one to go, but his over-the-top sturm and drang are getting old. and his death might propel the sonny/claudia story someplace interesting.

5. trevor lansing -- i'm not sure why he is still on the canvas either, since he doesn't seem to have anything to do, especially now that ric has assumed his position in the zacchara organization. i have nothing against the actor or the character, i just can't figure out why he is still in port charles.

6. olivia falconeri -- i actually enjoy olivia way more than her uptight cousin kate, and i think she interacts beautifully with carly, jax, sonny, and others. however, olivia came to port charles for her cousin's wedding. she stayed to help kate recover, there is no reason to have her remain in port charles. of course, she's still holding on to the secret that she had sonny's kid back in the day, so i don't see her going anywhere.

7. sonny corinthos -- okay, this one will never happen. but seriously, sonny is driving me nuts. maurice bernard's elocution is bizarre and seriously annoying. what i really want to happen is to have jason get re-quartermained and then dedicate his life to putting sonny behind bars. or something. because...i'm TIRED...of peoPLE...having to...PAY for what...THEY did. no really, he talks just like that.

8. winifred -- yeah, i'm not interested. i know she's not going to die, but i'm really not interested.

9. lulu spencer -- so this goes against my plea for no legacy characters, but at the very least lulu can get a personality transplant. she is the smuggest, whiniest little bitch. her storyline with johnny is so boring, i genuinely like brandon barash but he and julie marie berman have absolutely no chemistry. watching them together is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

10. jerry jacks -- oh wait, he's alread dead. but i hate this hunt for dvds storyline so much. just stop it now. we don't need more jerry jacks, the sociopath.

ok, i feel badly that there are more women on my list than men, because the last thing gh needs is a reason to be more misogynistic. but these are the characters i would like to see go the most.

changing gears, "grey's anatomy" finally delivered a good episode, at least in my opinion. the latest three-episode arc centered around the treatment of a serial killer on death row. meredith, derek, owen and christina were all charged with treating him, and treating him affected each one of them very differently. meredith can't help feeling empathy, even if the patient is a man who has done something unforgiveable. derek and christina see the world in black and white, and this is a man who has done serious wrong and doesn't deserve forgiveness, doesn't deserve to be listened to, only deserves to have doctor's do their job. owen actually doesn't express much of an opinion, wisely deciding to stay out of it.

derek's reasons for being unforgiving are quite valid, his father was killed in a robbery gone bad. this makes his drive to become a doctor so much clearer, his struggles with what he and meredith were doing during the clinical trial more layered, he wants to save lives because he couldn't save his father. meredith understands this, but she can't simply say this patient deserves no empathy because he has done horrible things. at one point it seems as if this difference of opinion will become yet another stumbling block, but in a beautiful scene we see that meredith and derek are stronger than a difference of opinion.

i think that scene simply proves how amazing a job ellen pompeo does with meredith grey. so many people hate the character, and she so often gets outshined by sandra oh and chandra wilson and katherine heigl. but she really does some amazing, understated work.

speaking of katherine heigl, izzy's brain tumor plot was finally exposed. and i still say it's a sad day when grey's is unapologetically ripping off storylines done gh. sadder still that i enjoyed the gh version of the storyline way more than i have enjoyed grey's. also i don't like it when tv shows get all mystical, religious. i watch tv to escape the world, not to ponder what happens after death thank you very much.

now i have 6 episodes of "fringe" to catch up on. i should probably get moving on that. especially since everyone is telling me that it has gotten way more interesting...

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  1. I totally forgot Leyla had a Suitor. I was wondering what she meant when she was giving her deathbed confession today. I guess that's what I get for being too quick with the fast forward.


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