Thursday, August 30, 2012

simply coming back to something

every fall people come back to something: work, school, something. me, i come back to watching tv. as much as i love watching television, i don't really watch it in the summer. the longer daylight hours make me want to be outside, doing, interacting with the world. i do less of that now with kids, but even so i can't bring myself to watch much television in the summer.

of course, this summer there were the olympics. the olympics are the one thing that will have me turn on television and just watch. i dvr'd the opening ceremonies, mostly because i knew that i wouldn't be able to turn the television on until 9 or 9:30--this is the main reason a dvr is mandatory in our home. we'd never watch any 8 o'clock shows if we didn't have one. anyway, so i dvr'd the trippy opening ceremonies and watched every minute except the weird bob costas interviews and awkward meredith viera and matt lauer banter. oh and the ryan seacrest social media updates--what the heck was the point of those? i was so excited for the olympics, and then i didn't end up watching all that much of them. we were so busy those two weeks and it was just easier to keep up with the blogs updating people on the events than actually watching the events themselves. plus the actual coverage of the events i like was sub-par. i'm not sure there was a lot nbc could do to improve things, i think they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, especially when they are transmitting from europe. for that reason i think rio will be much better for us audiences. at most it's a 2 hour time difference, so scheduling will be much more favorable to the east coast.

but the point still is, i haven't watch much television of late. and i'm excited for fall to begin. i'm excited to get back into the habit of watching tv again.

also football is back, baby! can't wait for the season to start up in earnest next week. go pats!

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