Tuesday, October 27, 2009

simply working too hard to make platinum

so i feel terrible. i really meant to post more before now. but a 16-day vacation overseas and craziness at work has really gotten in the way of my being able to write anything. but i promise i'm working on things and hopefully as this blog turns 1 year old, i'll be able to keep up with it more regularly.

upcoming posts will talk all the usual, tv (especially glee and greys) and books (i've made a lot of progress on my grandmother's books, i just haven't written about any of it) and movies (i'm positive i've seen a few that i can talk about here), i'm also going to focus more on the romance aspect of things instead of plot, because that's my favorite part of it all.

p.s. i did actually make platinum on my frequent flier program on this last trip. part of me is thrilled, the other part of me feels lame for traveling all the time.

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