Wednesday, June 17, 2009

slightly silly: a review of "step up 2: the streets"

i believe my love of silly romantic comedies has been well-documented. and because during the [supposedly] long summer months most of my television viewing consists of [torturing myself by] watching "general hospital" and/or on-demand movies, i decided to spice things up around here with a new feature, focusing on the aforementioned on-demand movies.

last night i watched step up 2: the streets, a follow-up to the surprisingly entertaining step up. to be honest, i'm not entirely positive step up is actually as entertaining as i think it is, but i simply enjoy it because...well, perhaps i'll just show you:

i don't know. i just happen to think this guy [channing tatum] is so hot. [you know, i don't often spend a lot of time thinking about how much my television viewing habits are influenced by the "hot guy quotient" but i think it might actually work out to be a pretty high percentage of my viewing choices are based on who i think is hot.]

anyway, i really enjoyed step up and because i was bored [the hubby was out for drinks with the sister-in-law] and knew that no one would object, i decided to take a chance on the sequel being as entertaining as the first movie. did it succeed?

well, sort of:

i mean, the guy [robert hoffman] is cute. but. he just isn't as hot as channing tatum. otherwise, i think in both films there are issues with the story, but in the first movie it seems to flow a bit more smoothly. the sequel is more concerned with dance montages. all well and good considering it is a movie about street dancing, but i think that the story/plot suffers pretty significantly because of this focus. in the first film there was some real tension between the characters' backgrounds and family life. though the second film tries to build this up, it doesn't do it very successfully.

all in all, the movie is ultimately really sweet and fun. and totally worth watching if you enjoyed the first one. is it a movie to watch over and over again? probably not, though if i caught it on tbs the way i have the first one, i might end up rewatching. but that says more about my lack of high standards when it comes to the films i like to watch.

grade: ♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥♥

p.s. just found out there is apparently a movie called step up 3-d in development. hmmm.

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