Monday, September 26, 2016

seriously romantic: the right kind of guy by kerri-leigh grady

there is nothing wrong with the right kind of guy. as far as breezy, contemporary romance this fits the bill. it's supposed to be a romantic comedy, which i'm not sure i agree with. unlike hooked on love, also billed as a romantic comedy, i never laughed out loud. but i can see where the author was striving for a light-hearted tone.

the problem is that i found that tone super cringeworthy. the author's voice in the novel sounds like her voice on her blog, which is totally fine, i mean she wrote the book and she writes on her blog. but i just find it kind of...grating? and it felt weird to me that the female lead and the hero's sister would have the exact same voice. because instead of it being something unique and quirky specific to one of the characters, it was something that infused the entire novel. aaron was actually the best part of the novel. the women in the novel were all so annoying. it was just really weird to read. especially in a book written by a woman, for women (mainly).

when aaron has his inevitable blow-up with kelsey, it was so bizarre because that whole scene was exacerbated by his sister's presence. she was really the reason the two characters were unable to talk things through, and so it felt super weird that he was then forced into a ridiculous grand gesture. i really disliked his sister, jasmine. she's the reason he is in vegas, and she's acting like a lunatic, and in the end it was all on purpose to teach her brother a lesson and matchmake? she could have just had a conversation with her brother. the fact that he bears the brunt of their parents' panic and disapproval without any acknowledgement of how not cool it is from her just made me dislike her. it would have been better to just allow the attraction between kelsey and aaron grow without the appearance of intervention from jasmine. it would have happened anyway, so why does she need to take credit for it?

so, i think i would have liked this book better without the irritating secondary character. at least the cover is pretty?

**the right kind of guy will publish on october 17, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

seriously romantic: hooked on love by jennie marts

i have to confess that there were several moments in this novel where i was just laughing out loud. everything that was happening was pure physical comedy and once you get the image in your head you can't stop yourself. picture a city girl trying on a pair of waders in a small town general store. imagine that she's in her underwear. and then a snake drops into the waders. the chaos that ensues had me in stitches. it was all too ridiculous.

in hooked on love, our city girl, avery oliver, is a fish out of water. but her good humor, her easy spirit and can-do-anything attitude really make the story. sullivan reed, our hero, is surly, damaged and so insecure. he looks the part of the fierce mountain man, but inside he is a ball of goo. and somehow the combination of these two characters just works. they play off each other beautifully. there's humor but just enough poignancy that adds a little heft to the story. it's not just a frothy tale. it's a story about fresh starts, and new beginnings, and learning that the biggest adventures don't mean you have to travel the world, sometimes it just means opening yourself to another person and seeing where that takes you.

**hooked on love will publish on october 17, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing in exchange for my honest review. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

seriously romantic: sweetly, deeply, absolutely by kira archer

sweetly, deeply, absolutely sounds like just the sort of book a blog called definitely, possibly, maybe should be reviewing. it's a sweet confection of a romance. jared crew is a player. he's unapologetic about it. he's always noticed jenny boyd, but she's off-limits since her brother happens to be his best friend's husband.

but the thing about jenny is that she is as much a player as jared is. i liked that there was no judgment made on the kind of exploits that jenny got herself mixed up in. both she and jared have a long list and that's totally cool. jared never makes a big deal about it, and while jenny frets about jared's inability to commit, it's not in a way that feels hypocritical or over-the-top.

the attraction between these two crazy kids sizzles and eventually they give into it. but when the condom breaks they face a 10-day period of uncertainty. will there be consequences to their impulsive hook-up? and if there are consequences would they really be unwelcome?

as they wait out the dreaded two weeks to figure out if there is actually anything to worry about, we see their friendship deepen. both jenny and jared are good people. they are fun-loving and artistic and creative. and they have a lightness to them so that even when they are absolutely stressed, you never feel like there is only sturm and drang between them. it's great. this was just a sweet quick read. totally enjoyable. this one is actually the third book in the sweet love series, but you don't need to read the first two to enjoy it.

**sweetly, deeply, absolutely will publish on october 17, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, September 23, 2016

superbly suspenseful: deadly silence by rebecca zanetti

deadly silence is a romantic thriller by rebecca zanetti that further explores the world she created in her sin brothers series. i haven't actually read that series, but it isn't essential to because the characters are new and while the situation the characters are in the middle of is informed by things that were happening in the original series, you catch up as you go along and don't really feel like you are at a loss. or at least you are no more at a loss than the characters in the novel, so it's all good.

ryker jones had a terrible childhood. but in the midst of the hell that was his childhood he forged an unbreakable bond with two other boys, his blood brothers, heath and denver. together they've escaped their past, but that doesn't mean that their past isn't trying to catch up to them. they've spent their adult lives searching for the lost, searching for something they're not even sure they can find, answers they may never be prepared to handle.

even worse, everything is going crazy. the serial killer case they've been working on shows no signs of breaking open, meanwhile more red-headed girls are turning up dead. a teenage hacker has somehow burrowed through all their security and is asking them to dig into someone from their shared past. and the woman ryker has become involved w
ith, zara, is in danger--something that tugs at his protective instincts and the heart he has tried to keep from becoming attached to anything to protect not only himself, but everything in the world he could lose.

while this is suspenseful and the characters at different points find themselves in mortal danger, this isn't unnecessarily graphic. and there is a fair amount of steaminess between the two leads, so i almost just categorized this as seriously romantic. but it's more than just a romance.

ryker and zara go through a lot and at the end the only thing that's tied up in a neat bow is their relationship. which totally works for me. i'm intrigued enough by everything else that i will be checking out the next novels in the series.

**deadly silence will publish on october 4, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/forever (grand central publishing) in exchange for my honest review. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

simply admiring the puppet mastery

so i've never, ever been an angelina fan. but i have spent the last two days admiring her balls. this woman surprised her superstar husband with divorce papers on a tuesday morning. the man was blindsided. because the fact of the matter is that no celebrity ever releases shit like this on a tuesday morning. per the court documents the date of separation was september 15th. so this is recent, but that was a thursday, and there was plenty of time to bury the story on friday. especially since this weekend was the emmys and the story would have been lost amid the talk about who won or didn't win and who wore or didn't wear what.

no, angelina fucking jolie releases her news on a tuesday morning because she wants everyone to know. and she tells us that this is for the kids. she entrenches herself in the position of hardworking mother and intimates that her co-parent isn't up to the job. she cuts him out of the picture so completely i just can't help but appreciate how she delivers this news with a hint of how she plans to play the game. and the thing is you know she's got cards to play. so we're waiting on brad's move, but without her is he able to compete?

and even though there are these swirling rumors about affairs with co-stars and prostitutes you can see already that this isn't a narrative angelina is interested in pursuing. it's not one that fits her image. she was the other woman. having the guy who cheated with her cheat on her won't work for her. she is the woman people want. she's not the woman left behind with a gaggle of kids. so even if there was cheating, and to be honest i'm fairly certain that these two people had a marriage that was fairly open to exploring, angelina isn't going to be the jilted woman. she's not divorcing brad for her sake, she's doing it for the sake of her children.

angelina fucking jolie is so noble that she will leave the love of her life because it is better for her kids. that is what she wants us to believe. is it true? who knows. that's not the point. the point is that she controls the story. and brad? well he's going to need to figure some shit out. because she's been controlling their story for years now, and if he wants to come out of this unscathed he's going to need to play the game her way. she holds all the cards. let's see if his ego realizes that before he's had a chance to make his first move, he's already lost.

eta: i wrote all of the above last night, only to wake up this morning to find out that brad pitt is being investigated for child abuse. the alleged abuse is verbal and physical, and i'm sure that there is truth to this. is it a pattern of behavior for him, maybe? we have heard from sources that they have different parenting styles; he's the disciplinarian, angelina is more laid back. could this be a way to frame divergent parenting styles, maybe? as i said above, she is controlling this narrative and she is a master at it. it's his move next, and if he settles up quickly it will likely be to preserve his reputation. i don't know that we could read more into it than that regarding his guilt or innocence. but if he decides to take a stand on this, well, this will be one divorce that will blow up pretty spectacularly. i think he caves though. he is going to lose either way.

something from the archives: headlong - part 6

um, so this part gets a bit steamy.

here are some handy links to parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. you know the drill for part 6.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

simply look at all the pretty things

i know we all say that you should never judge a book by its cover. but who are we kidding? we all love a pretty cover. as a special treat, i get to help reveal the cover to this super sweet young adult sports romance i will be reviewing soon. 

more details about the book, including the pretty cover can be found after the jump: